Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Alcatraz Federal Prison Audio Tour.A Must See Tourist Attraction In San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California.

Recently, I was very blessed to have got an opportunity to visit the beautiful city of San Francisco, which was easily the most beautiful city that I've ever seen.
I did the whole tourist thing, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, etc, etc, etc. But make no mistake about this, my friends, should you visit San Fran, you need to see Alcatraz. The island on which the famous former federal Prison stands is now a State Park. It's the best state park/museum that I've ever seen.
Alcatraz Island State Park, and the history of the place is fascinating, and includes lots, LOTS more than just the old prison. I plan to write more about Alcatraz island. Now though, I'm going to talk about the most famous aspect of the place.

Escape From Alcatraz! Dummy Head, and Wesman Todd Shaw In Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary!

The Film and the State Park.

Clint Eastwoodis an American legend within the film industry as an actor, and now as a producer. Mr. Eastwood is also now a prominent politician in the great, and beautiful state of California. I forget what and where, cause I'm lame like that. Google it.
Perhaps the film that stands the test of time the best for Clint Eastwood, is the classic Escape From Alcatraz, and it's, as we say down in Texas, "a good un!" I've never been on set for a film before-but when I visited the old prison at the top of the island, I felt like I was in the movie.
No joke. I'm not one to exaggerate. I hadn't seen the film in 15-20 years, but when I was in the place. . . . .IT ALL CAME BACK.
If you've paid for a ticked to tour Alcatraz, then you are not required to pay any more to take the audio tour of the prison. I'd go so far as to say that you're being completely foolish to NOT do the audio tour. I absolutely loved it.
The tourist enters the building in the basement-in exactly the same way that the prisoners once did, and it is there that you get the option of getting the headset/handset for the audio tour. You can just walk around and look at everything without it, of course; but the audio tour is to be taken at your leisure. You have control over it with stop, pause, and play, etc control.
You can even leave the prison, go for a smoke, go to the bathrooms, etc, etc, etc; and come back-whenever you want to. Once you get to Alcatraz, you don't have to leave until the last boat out, as I understand it, late in the evening. . . . .and don't worry, the ferries are coming and going constantly to that busy place.
The prison is a cheerful place-it can't help but be because of the amazing beauty of the island. It is, however, deteriorating; and probably won't be available for public viewing forever. I suggest going with a camera. No doubt about that.
The link above, should you paste it into your browser, as I've not learned to make hyperhublinks yet, will tell you the complete story of the great escape from Alcatraz-the very thing that was never, EVER thought to be possible.
THAT, my friends, is what makes the place so fascinating-the incorrigible spirit of man, and his will to escape oppression; and live as he wishes to live.
I wish you all long, happy lives, free of prison, and corporate oppression within these not so united states in America.

The Escape From Alcatraz Federal Pen!


  1. Nice article!! Video at the end didn't work though. And I never saw the movie Escape from Alcatraz - on the list now. Thanks for writing this article.


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