Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Revelation Brand Twenty Gauge Pump Shotgun

Western Auto

I know, it's something that maybe somewhat strange to people nowadays, but the Revelation brand shotgun was a fine, fancy, and somewhat rare shotgun that was distributed through Western Auto. My father owns this fancy pump action shotgun, and my brother has it, but it's technically MY gun via the time honored, and almost Biblical concept of primogeniture!
My Father purchased a rather upscale model of this gun from Western Auto in about 1970 for, he thinks, $129.00.  One hundred and twenty nine dollars was a pretty good sum of money to spend for a pump action shotgun in that year, and I tell you this much, that gun sells for much, much more than that now.  My Father's (MINE!) particular gun itself would sell for much, much more than that used.

Fancy Specifications

My particular Revelation twenty gauge pump shotgun has some very fancy specifications that make it an heirloom quality gun.  It has a "scroll" stock, which basically means that it's got some designs whittled, or engraved into the wood, a ribbed barrel, which is a sort of fancy sight for shooting accuracy, and besides all of that, the Revelation brand itself is somewhat of a rare, collector's brand of gun.

The Plug

In the United States of America it is illegal to hunt with a shotgun carrying more than three rounds of ammunition. That doesn't mean, however, that more rounds can not be contained, or fired from one of these guns without reloading the gun. If one were to take the plug out of one of these guns, then seven rounds can be fired from this gun without reloading. One should make certain that he is not hunting should one get CAUGHT with a weapon such as this one, or any other shotgun, having more than three rounds loaded, or the capacity to load more than three rounds, as this is highly illegal, and the fine, I'm sure, for getting caught with the proverbial "shotgun pants down," is rather steep.


The Revelation brand gun is actually made by Mossberg, a very well known, and still dominant brand of firearm world wide. The proper name for that company is O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc., and they specialize in rifles, shotguns, and scopes. That company enjoys a long and highly reputable reputation for their products beginning in 1919. The Revelation brand gun is no longer in production, but comparable Mossberg models are. Owning a gun branded "Revelation" is an interesting and collectible piece of American trivia. I've seen these guns listed as in "good" condition on the internet for just over $100.00, but without the pictures to tell, I'm thinking that a gun selling at that price doesn't have the fine engraving on the stock that my particular gun has, and probably does not have the ribbed barrel either.


The Mossberg and/or Revelation twenty gauge pump shotgun is a fine gun to own and use for hunting or target shooting. The same gun exists in 410, 20, and 12 gauge models. I'm willing to bet that, but as of yet unable to prove, that the Revelation gun can also be found in the more rare 16 gauge size as well. While the Revelation gun is not in production, it is a quality gun, and good condition specimens are available for sale. If you are interested in a new model of this gun, then you'll have to shop for a Mossberg, or comparable brand of gun.


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