Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Residential Electrician. - Low Flood Lights.

One thing semi strange about the field of skilled labor, and the persons involved in it - commonly referred to as "electricians," is that equals in license are forever hiring one another when they have a bit more work needing doing than they'd realized or planned on having.

In the realm of electricians, people "sub contract," all the freaking time.  It is very common for one Master electrician to work for another Master license wielding electrician - you could say the people trading off "sub contractual" work are really doing nothing more than networking.

That is what it is - networking, and electricians do a hell of a lot more of it than do HVAC contractors.

So anyway, when you work for a Master electrician like I do, and he has a small business - sometimes situations come up where there is more work to be done in "X" amount of time than the regular people can get done, so some other folks are brought in for just a day, or even a month - it is all just networking, and goes on often.

The wonderful thing about it never just know when you won't have any work, and maybe one of those contractors you helped out when they had no work, will call you when they need is a win/win situation, this networking and sub contractual labor thing we do.

Well anyway, today I worked again with a guy younger than myself who is a Master electrician - nice fella, we get along pretty well, and tomorrow I'll be working with him again.

Today we worked in a custom home edition in Forney, Texas - the place is called, "Winner's circle."

Literally, I hate that name - pretentious egotistical bullshit, is what I think the name is, but of course I'm not at all saying it isn't a wonderful place, as it IS a very nice place.  I just hate the name - and I always will.

It is like someone is saying, "Oh, come live here!  Only WINNERS live here!"  Conversely, they must also be saying something like, "if you don't live are a LOSER."

Well, whatever, probably I think too much about such things...and other folks never consider such semantic shenanigans, be they real or imagined.

So anyway - today I hung/installed a lot of smoke detectors in a large custom home in Winner's Circle.

Lemme cut to it, I seriously dislike low flood lights, and when I was done with the simple smoke detectors, and the simple recess can trim and bulbs...I had to install some low flood lights.

I have bad memories about those things from years gone by....but I swear to you I didn't let that affect me today, the things known as "low flood lights" truly just suck...and I don't know why, but they do.

I mean, they are no ladder is can literally sit on their butt while installing them, but something will always wind up making the bit of work harder than it should have been.  Maybe my jedi "mind over matter," and "happy happy happy" stuff I kept repeating to myself didn't work...but there is no logical reason I can find why low flood lights forever cause me so much of a problem.

Screw those things!  Oh yeah, you kinda DO have to screw them...they are, of course, screwed into a brick wall via a receptacle box made for them, smoke detectors, switches, plugs, etc....I keep analyzing the deal....I must be relatively slow on the uptake, as I can't figure out why I'm bedeviled by low flood lights.

Happy Samhain 2012, folks!


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