Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another Day In The Life Of A Residential Electrician - Going Where The Work Is.

It is just a fact that the economy absolutely sucks right now in November of 2012, and there's no  real substantial anything the presidential administration has provided for me to feel as though things will change much.

You know the economy is in great shape when LOTS of people are building new homes.  Right now, very very few persons are building homes - as few persons have any money at all to spend, and tons of persons have no job at all with which to earn some money.

The federal government is broke - but do they keep bombing people?  Yes.  Do they keep giving money to nations that aren't going to pay it back?  Yes - they do.  Do they continually set up idiotic programs and administrations to destroy the essence of the nation I grew up in?  Yes, TSA, Homeland Security - shit administrations straight out of Orwell...are still getting funded.

Four more years of Obama - and it's only going to get worse.

Anyway.  I live in Kaufman, County Texas...and at least here in Texas, there are folks building houses.  In fact, I've been relatively busy wiring custom homes, and the custom homes are anything BUT cheap houses.

My family has always been in the electrical contracting business, and for the most part - they've wired houses and apartments.  Both houses and apartments are regular sorts of things that have to be built.  This isn't Europe....people don't seem to build a home to last five hundred years.  I'm not sure why they don't, but I'd suppose the culture is just very different.  I've never been to Europe.

The family wisdom dictates that when you see a lot of apartments being built - then the economy is on its way back around to good times.

I see very little up in Dallas in the way of apartments being built.  I have seen several large and abandoned apartment complexes.  Where did the inhabitants go?

Anyway, when new apartments are being built - you know things will soon be on their way, as it isn't long before professionals get sick of paying rent, and want to own a home instead.

This isn't what is happening.

So again today I will be travelling to Red River County to wire a, I'm hanging a ton of flood lights.  There will be deer on the road - this time of year, there are deer running around everywhere, and especially at the time of morning when we'll be travelling.

Two hours and fifteen minutes one way of travel, and I get paid for none of that.

Too bad team liberal is all about their poster boy - but never bothered to find out anything about him, or how economics even works, or how the federal reserve works....they just don't care, and they'll get just what they deserve out of it all.  It is the way of things.

Below is the courthouse for lovely Red River County Texas.

When this job out in Red River County is done, and it should be done today - we've another one starting in Cunningham, Texas - which is only about ten miles closer to home.  The photo below is from Cunningham, Texas.  

Flood lights - I'll be installing lots of these today, but I'll be sleeping on the long drive down there.  Hope it goes well.


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