Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Best Free Anti-Virus Software with Download Links

Free Software

It goes without saying that we live in trying economic times right now, and it is also true that the number of things that we need to get done in our daily lives involving computers with internet access is increasing. Free anti-virus software is a major boon to those of us who need both computers, and working computers at the same time. I haven't always used free anti-virus software, but I'm using it now, and I've mostly used free anti-virus programs in my life and times in the internet world. I've found that the paid versions that I've employed via a keygen were no better, really, than the free ones. This article exists simply for your benefit in choosing a free anti-virus program, and includes links with which you can download the free anti virus utility of your choice. It would not be practical for me to attempt to list them all here,and so I'll  review for you the one that I do use.

AVG Free Edition

This computer that I use was a tremendous afterthought of a gift from someone who had plenty of money, I suppose; and had no idea that they were giving me something that I'd never had before, didn't know, really, that I wanted or needed; and would appreciate more than most any other thing in my possession. It was old when I got it, had a burned out hard drive, and I'm still using the same Dell XP box, though I have upgraded the RAM, and I've wound up replacing several hard drives. Whatever.
With the link above you can download the best free anti-virus program on the internet. AVG Free edition is always top notch, and has been the top free anti virus program on the web for a number of years. It updates regularly, and does the trick. I keep going back to it time and again, and really, it keeps getting better, as they continue adding features to the free edition. I can't say enough about it, really; and surely their paid version is even better, but I'm a hard core power user, and I don't need anything more. Looking at the AVG webpage, the slogan The World's Most Downloaded Security Software becomes apparent. If this is true or not, I do not know, but I imagine that it is true, and the reasons for it, should it be, should be obvious.
One most wonderful addition to the newest AVG FREE 2010 offering is a one time use PC Analyzer tool, that completely analyzes and tunes up your PC. If you, besides needing a good anti virus program, also employee no tune up program on your computer; then it is extremely advisable that you run the AVG tune up tool before you do anything else.
Though the AVG 2011 Free edition is very very good, what I'm finding is that, for whatever reason, I don't often "catch" computer viruses so often anymore. What I'm finding is that adware and spyware are my main computing problems, still, we all need anti virus software, and AVG Free has always taken care of me.
Below, I'll supply download links to others that I've used, and they might suite your needs and style more than AVG, that's for you to decide. I've not really had many bad free software experiences.


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