Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Levis Carpenter's Blue Jeans

Levis Carpenter's Jeans, Blue jeans For Any Occasion

Whether I'm out working on someone's residential air conditioner, heating system, or sitting right here at home playing on the computer, or even if I'm out on the town; I'm nearly always wearing a pair of Levis Carpenter's Jeans. It's been said that blue jeans never go out of style, and I believe that that is true not only for the world of the past many years, but I think that that will be true for many, many years to come. In my home state of Texas, the more cowboy crowds prefer Wrangler's and Justin Boots. Me? I prefer Levis and Wolverine Brand boots. I can ride a horse, thank you; and I've "broke" a horse once on a dare; but give me a horse and a rope and ask me to rope a cow, and I'll give you a very blank stare.

Levis Carpenter Jeans.

Now, It should be obvious to you that I'm no fashion God or anything like that; and neither would I be one should the opportunity present itself. However, I've a good appreciation of good material things; and the Levis brand blue jeans have always served me very well in both utility and appearance. I'm no carpenter, but the carpenter's hammer loop on my Levis Carpenter's blue jeans has seen a few jobs where my claw hammer has found the hole. <---nice pun, that one.
Seriously though, I doubt most people who wear these jeans use them for work; I think baggy blue jeans are the norm throughout the United States; but we just discussed that I'm not fashion God, and don't plan to be one either. I'm a very "blue collar" wage slave, who is very pleased with his work when he does it well, and should I have to crawl through your fiberglass insulation stuffed attic to repair your air handler, then these Levis brand Carpenter's jeans have the deep pockets, and such that I need to stuff a multi meter, and a Klein brand ten in one screwdriver into to see what the deal is.
One of the great pleasures of growing older is that I'm growing much wiser. I no longer carry a flashlight in my Levis Carpenter's blue jeans, oh no, how foolish that is; my flashlight is now strapped to my head when I crawl through your attic. Sometimes I do carry a back up though, and stuff it in the deep pockets that are provided. These jeans are baggy, and that allows me to do more with my knees as I acrobatically make my way, tip toeing through your attic. I've never once in over fifteen years had an issue with stepping through someone's ceiling, but now I must knock on wood. The Levis Brand Carpenter's jeans have additional pockets to a standard pair of blue jeans; and these narrow but deep pockets are ideal for screw drivers, nut drivers, crescent wrenches; you name it. For work, play, or sitting on the net all day; it's usually me and my Levis.


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