Friday, May 11, 2012

Monopoly - The Board Game, The Reality.

Play Monopoly!

John Davison Rockefeller was a master Monopoly player, and he'd only learned the game from the European Rothschilds. The game is still being played, and you should at least learn to play the game too! The problem that you must realize though, is that you never really own anything. Every last material possession that you have was here in some form or another before you were born, and it will still exist in some form or another after you no longer exist. Win the game of Monopoly, and the game is then over, is it not? When the game of Monopoly is won, all of those pretty things, and all of that toy money in your wallet or bank account, goes back into the box!
Capitalism is a mindless, ego driven, and material game; but our lives are NOT games, dear friends, and there shouldn't be mere "winners" and "losers" in the so called "game of life."
Is there any doubt that the game is almost over? Is there any doubt that our mass media is monopolized by a criminal ethnic cartel that comes from a group that represents three percent of the US population at best? Is there any doubt that the game of America is lost, and that corporations rule this land, and that this empire is falling, as they all will do? Is there any doubt that whoever is lord and master of a nation's currency is all that matters, and that that nation's lawmakers are but figurehead buffoons? Is there any doubt that the American Dream is but a nightmare that we will soon awake from seeing nothing but global fascism, and that even the Jew's dream of a world led from Israel will become their own personal nightmare wrapped in secular humanist satanism, for failing to recognize that their "law" is merely a human construct that poorly represents spiritual truth, and that usury is evil incarnate, and even the prophets of old had foretold about how it would crash down upon itself?
All the pieces, all the cards will go back into the box, and we will start over.

Monopoly - A Banker's Game.

Learning To Play Monopoly!



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