Friday, May 11, 2012

Texas Should Not Be A Nuclear Waste Dump!

Texas The Beautiful

Texas, my home state, besides being the second biggest state in the Union; is easily the most beautiful and diverse state in the Union. While it's bad enough that we've a toxic and criminal governor, Rick Perry, who cares nothing for the lives of humans, or obeying national laws like the Logan Act; what's worse is that the worst governor that the state has ever had is about to allow my state to become a nuclear waste dumping ground. It's not surprising, when you consider the man's lack of morality or class; but we, and I do mean everyone, everywhere, need to do something about it.
Please take a moment of time to send a letter showing that you do NOT approve of dumping nuclear waste in Andrews County, Texas; I love this place, and anyone who's ever lived here still does. You can't blame the Bush's on us, they are from Connecticut. My friends, what we are seeing here is classic dirty politics, where politicians and agencies use the holiday season against the people of our nation. They hope that you and I are too distracted to take a moment of our times to fight their corruption and greed.

Rick Perry - Unfit To Lead, Texas, and Nuclear Waste

The Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission (TLLRWDCC) has proposed rules that would allow importation of nuclear waste from 36 states across the country into Andrews County. That's a massive expansion from the current rules that only allow nuclear waste from Texas and Vermont. In fact, the volume of waste transported, imported and stored could go up as much as 19 times.
But the TLLRWDCC is trying to push the rules through during the busy holiday season when people are distracted and before the legislatures of Vermont and Texas have had a chance to assess them.
Take action now to oppose these dangerous nuclear waste rules before the deadline this Sunday night at midnight.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality recommends against the atrocity that has been planned, and to make matters worse, the dumping ground is very near several large aquifers. Contaminated water is far less than even a criminal like Rick Perry deserves, as he too is human. Let us not forget the many risks involved in transportation of these dangerous wastes from wherever to Andrews County; with 36 other states involved, you can easily grasp a bit of the picture. Several TCEQ staffers quit in protest when their recommendations went unheeded by then-Executive Director Glenn Shankle and the facility was licensed anyway. Traffic accidents happen every single day, and these "low level" nuclear wastes will be passing through large cities all over the united states. Please remember the governments unspoken motto concerning crisis creation and resolution that always, and never failingly results in the loss of liberties, rights, and freedoms as the governed fools seek shelter from the government. Please just take a moment of your time to follow the link below and send a letter. Thank you.

But Apparently, Texas IS A Nuclear Waste Dump!

High levels of radioactive radium were being discovered in excavated water pipes and discarded water heaters throughout parts of Central Texas recently. Those pipes and water heaters were so radioactive that the junk yard in Brady, TX could not take them. The pipes had only been in the ground transporting water from the area's Hickory Aquifer for five years.

Apparently large portions of Central Texas and the citizens there are having to deal with poisoning from something called Alpha Radiation, a type of radiation known to cause all manner of health problems, and even a small level of exposure causes structural damage in the DNA of the Texan so unfortunate as to have been exposed to it. Environmental Protection Agency officials and documents confirm that one of every four hundred residents to the area could become a cancer patient from such radiation levels in their drinking water.
What this all comes down to is that the TCEQ had basically decided that the EPA's water standards were to expensive and too stringent to follow, and because Texas is one of those states where the common citizen is more concerned that the super wealthy be protected than the average citizen have any sort of standard of living or any sort of health or social needs met by the state - these types of things go on as a sort of standard way of doing business.
The investigative team acquired documentation that included a trail of Texas bureaucrats and politicians leading all the way to Governor Rick Perry's office. All of them knew of this situation. No one notified anyone who might be able to help while ignoring 200,000 Texans who were being exposed to high radiation.


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