Sunday, July 22, 2012

North American Wolves


Wolves are some of the most beautiful animals in the entire world, and this is especially true of the four species of wolves that live in North America.  Now, I've always wanted to "own" a wolf, but a wolf is not the type of creature that takes to being "owned." When you get right down to the crux of the matter, wolves, like all animals; and all humans, they have rights. Do you know why I hate Sarah Palin? It's not because she's an idiot, I hate Sarah Palin because she supports legislation that is antagonistic towards wolves. You see, she supports the outright murder of wolves, and so, I hate Sarah Palin. Wolves, by the way, mate for life; and so you see, they have a higher degree of virtue than the former governor of Alaska; and indeed, most humans.

There IS No Reason To Kill Wolves

Never in the recorded History of the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada has a North American Wolf been proven to have attacked a human being; but people still kill wolves. Why? They are lazy, ignorant slobs with no desire to do anything but kill an animal for no reason. Ranchers? Lazy, ignorant beasts who would rather kill a beautiful animal with higher moral standards and values than themselves, than to spend the money to protect their herds.

Four Species of North American Wolf

There are four species of beautiful wolves in North America; and all of them have been, or are currently endangered species of animals.  The Grey Wolf, or Timber Wolf has made a wonderful comeback; but if Sarah Palin has her way, the animal will return to the brink of extinction.  The Mexican Grey Wolf is still a very endangered species of wolf, and the Red Wolf of Texas and Louisiana is also a very endangered species of Wolf.  The Arctic Wolf of Alaska and Canada has faired better, but only in Canada, where idiotic Republicans are hard to find.

One Night In Kaufman. . . .

The man was driving, and heading home for the night, and he was taking the back road that is called The Old Kemp Highway.  As he reached the stop sign whereThe Old Kemp Highway intersected with farm to market road 2860, and flipped the Toyota truck's turn signal to signify a right turn, he looked ahead, and before him, in the mass of trees to the right, and across the farm to market road, there stood an animal that was far too large to be a coyote; and the man saw the only wolf that he'd ever seen in the wild in his entire life.

Headstrong, WOLVES


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