Sunday, August 26, 2012

Multi National Corporations And Bristol Bay, Alaska - The Proposed Pebble Mine.

Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay is a bio gem and national treasure unlike any other wilderness area anywhere in the world. It's full of bears, seals, eagles, whales, and perhaps most noteworthy - several kinds of salmon. Bristol Bay is also home to Alaskan Native American tribal groups.
A Large number of rivers flow into Bristol Bay, and the bay is subject to some of the highest tides in the entire world. Tides as high as thirty feet have been recorded. Bristol Bay was named by the famed English explored Captain James Cook, who named the area in honor of Admiral Earl of Bristol, in England
The extreme number of shoals, sandbars and shallows along with the frequently very high winds in Bristol Bay make it a very unsafe place for large ships to navigate safely.

Bristol Bay Salmon

Sports fishing is one of the major industries of the Bristol Bay area, and this is because it is the home of the world's largest Sockeye Salmon fishery. The sockeye salmon, however, isn't nearly the only kinds common to Bristol bay, as chum salmon, silver salmon, king salmon,and pink salmon are all regular inhabitants as well.
It should pretty much go without saying that with all that salmon in the area that the Bristol Bay area has a lot of bears around, as bears are even more famous for eating salmon than we humans are - we humans are probably just a bit more greedy about it than brown bears are.

Bristol Bay, Alaska - Fisherman's Paradise.

But The Pebble Mine Threatens The Entire Bristol Bay Ecosystem.

Everything beautiful and natural about Alaska's Bristol Bay is in a state of extreme danger due to two of the world's largest corporations. Corporations exist to produce profit - and that is basically antithesis to everything beautiful in the natural world, as the creed of profit as godhas always been the bane of nature. We live in a world with ever increasing levels of natural disasters including heat waves, droughts, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, oil spills, hurricanes and more. If you believe that all of those things are "natural" at the ever increasing rate in which they are occurring - you are merely an apologist, and not the least bit rational about the situation.
We've been bucking nature for a long time - but nature bucks back.
The Pebble Mine is a proposition placed forward by Britain's Anglo American and the Rio Tinto corporations, neither of which has a safety or pollution record that would be considered the least bit admirable by anyone. Those corporations want to mine for copper and gold, and other minerals in the Bristol Bay area - but a mine the size of the Pebble Mine would in and of itself pollute the area even were everything to go as planned - as the tons of pollution and waste from all of the people and equipment would pollute everything downstream. In reality, the whole Earth is downstream, and is suffering from pollution as it is.
So in any case the proposed Pebble Mine is a natural disaster that destroys the Bristol Bay ecosystem in a best case scenario. In a worst case scenario - it's a natural disaster based in greed that would make the Gulf Oil Spill proud. So in an effort to prove that people, animals, good health, and nature are more important than corporations and never ending profits, below are several petitions aimed at stopping the Pebble Mine from ever being dug.

The Pebble Mine - An Exploration Rig.

The Pebble Mine Debate


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