Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Country Music. The Pontoon Song, and Little Big Town.

I've been working as an electrician (again) now for a few months.  I forget already how long I've been regularly employed again.  Days just kind of run together, you know.

Anyway, my uncle is into "new country" music.  It might not be that he is so much "into" it, as that is just what comes in on the radio the clearest out in far East and Northern Texas.

I admit - I've had a terribly bad attitude about this entire style of music for a very long time.  Hey, I just have a bad attitude about a lot of things.

Thing about it is, this stuff just grows on you.

So anyway, The Pontoon Song.

It sucks that blogger won't play the actual music video for this...Gosh Damn Google, don't you guys own Blogspot AND Youtube?  Seems you'd have your stuff synchronized - it isn't much to ask.

Here's a nice photo of the band "Little Big Town."

From the link where I nabbed the image, the following was said:

Little Big Town is an American country music band.

Formed in 1999, the band has four members: Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook and Phillip Sweet. There is no lead singer in the band; instead, they trade lead vocal duties as well as rely on the harmonies of the four members.

Little Big Town’s self-titled 2002 debut for Sony’s Monument Records was panned critically and did not sell commercially. The album had only one minor hit single, “Don’t Waste My Time,” and it wasn’t long before Little Big Town was dropped from the label.

Well, they might have been dropped from some poor record label - but I assure you they are all the rage now - and their music does seem really upbeat and joyful, and in this day and age, or any - that is going to sell.

One might also note (unless they are blind!) the band is evenly mixed with equal parts male and female members - Fleetwood Mac comes to mind here, as there is no actual "lead vocalist," there are harmonies, and multiple singers.

Obviously, Karen Fairchild carries "The Pontoon Song," and ....well, just wow.  I'm way into this lady.  I have a fetish for brunettes, and that is the truth.

Here in Texas these pontoons are everywhere - especially here in Kaufman County, as there are many a large lake within driving distance, and just ten miles from home - there is Cedar Creek Lake...or, as we call it around here "speeder creek lake."  Yeah, I'll leave it to you to figure that one out.

Okay, no I won't.  I'm going to do some slightly less new but still new country music here.

We'll talk about meth and the Old Crow Medicine Show another day, but in any case I assure you a well rounded life is more to my way of doing things than an across the board style of life.  I urge all to not be so judgmental about something until they have quite a lot of first hand knowledge about it.

Life isn't "black and white" - life is mostly "grey areas," and a circular thing.  What you think is good is often not, and what you think of as evil is just something in the circular route, which is in and of itself good.

Oh is circles...and I thought I was talking country music here....

Anyway - most pontoons aren't anywhere nearly so large as the one in the Little Big Town song...below is a much more common sized pontoon, and a lot of folks around here have them.  I'd love to have one...but there are loads of things I'd love to have....mostly, a particular brunette!


  1. Pontoon = "party boat" where I came from... Otherwise, it would just be another boring boat.

    I like the song! But, blame it on the fact that I grew up in a small country town with a really BIG lake.

    1. Thanks Darlene!!!

      I'm seriously weird...I'd decided long ago that I just didn't like "new country," ....and so I didn't.

      Well, recently I just somehow changed my mind! I like some of it quite a lot!