Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Remember That Time The US Federal Government BURNED 80 Something People ALIVE?

This is the reality.

The anti gun idiots ....can't seem to grasp that absolute power corrupts absolutely each and every time, and that power is indeed located at the barrel's end of a gun in the physical/political world.

No way around it 
- the history of gun control is the history of governments most often murdering huge portions of unarmed citizens.

Cambodia set the record - something like 23% of their population murdered by their own government after they were disarmed.

At the Killing Fields, the Cambodians were forced to dig large ditches that they well knew they and their families would soon be rotting in...and the government then, to save money, instead of shooting them - had the fascist pigs beat them to death with the shovels.
Simple Concepts for Distracted Minds.
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  • Tex Shelters How'd that gun thing work at Wacko? 

    Who's anti-gun? You really have to start using logic. Very few people are "anti-gun". Some people want some regulation, some of use want to a
    rm fetishes against abortion doctors. 

    Get the lingo straight man. 

  • Wesman Todd Shaw The people at Waco had good reason to have guns - did not the federal government of the USA shoot fire into the buildings (per eye witness) and murder them all?
  • Wesman Todd Shaw I'm personally very glad for the ATF agents that were killed. Thank God Koresh and gang didn't go out without taking some pigs with them.
  • Wesman Todd Shaw Bill Hicks was an eye witness, who said that the US federal government, in fact, murdered all those men, women, and children.

    So you think they had no need to arm/defend themselves?

    I only wish they'd killed more federal murderous pigs. 
    A clip from the documentary AMERICA - THE BILL HICKS STORY
  • Wesman Todd Shaw Then, Sir...Mr. Hicks ...all of the sudden GOT CANCER! Magick CIA cancer cannon....LOL!

    Yes Sir - they burned men, women, and children alive - claimed they were meth cooks, and child molesters...and guess what, Tex?



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