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The Private Prison Complex Over America - Another Capitalist Human Rights Crisis.

The Prison Industrial Complex

The completely, and systematic corrupt capitalism in the United States of America, and the unrestrained greed of the capitalist, and their never satisfied lusts for more profit, more control; and less freedom for the "subjects" that still call themselves "citizens" in the fear induced, dumbed down, mass media controlled police state USA, has revealed itself in exciting new, and hideously ugly ways.
We've a private prison industry here in the United States of America. Let me explain this situation to you: Big business men and women, and stock holders, obsessed with their worship of Mammon and fiat debt based currency, build a private prison at a profit, they then take those profits, give them to lobbyist and media moguls, who then simultaneously incite fear in the idiot sheep that you call "friends and neighbors," while at the same time using that fear and lobbyist money to push for tougher laws on crime. All the while big pharma creates methamphetamine epidemics, and the C.I.A. imports cocaine to South Central Los Angeles. Do you see a conflict of interest in big business and human rights yet?
If you don't, then Glenn Beck is on television somewhere, I hear him calling YOUR name.

United Prison States Of America

Dick Cheney, Harvester Of Sorrow.

Drug War, War On Terrorism.

Richard Nixon, a criminal P.O.T.U.S. pseudo Christian fascist had the brilliant idea to declare "war on drugs," truly, that IS a brilliant idea, but only if you are a corporate fascist whore. You see, you can not win a war that doesn't have a definable human enemy, and there was never any plans of winning a war on inanimate substances. Its a tribute to human stupidity and human greed that the war on drugs was called such, as it was, and is, and always has been a war on the American Citizen.
Nixon is dead and gone, he's Hitler's alternate in Satan's bedfellow regimen in Hell now, and so, things aren't always so cut and dried; but another G.O.P. fake Christian has been in office, and he had a daddy in the P.O.T.U.S. office too! But "W" wasn't the brains or the biggest recipient of profit in that administration, oh no, Dick Cheney was; and Dick Cheney makes profit from Private Prison slave labourers who work for ten to thirty cents an hours grinding out trinkets for Ramen noodles in his prisons that were built for continued profit, and that profit then, as capitalism is based in "economic growth," was spent to create tougher laws, so more persons could be warehoused, and then, more "need" for more prisons exist; as the new laws, and tougher sentences demand it.

Harvester Of Sorrow - Dick Cheney Has Become MORE Wealthy By Profiting From The Increased Misery Of The Poor.

War Pig.

So, the links up above prove that, and convict Dick Cheney of crimes against Humanity. He only profits from the death, murder, and subjugation of brown skinned persons far away. He also profits from corruption, and enslavement of poor persons and the mentally ill here in police state USA - participates in the creation and sale of fear mongering for the purpose of destroying the liberties and freedoms that Citizens once enjoyed due to the protective and foundational documents of this nation, the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution.
He'd prolly complain from being sentenced to hang from a brand new rope though, such is the case of silver spoon babies and capitalist pigs everywhere. Richard Nixon, alas, already roasts on a spit in Hell.

Capitalism Is Cancerous To The Human Race.

It is a simple truth, or rather, an aphorism, to say that at a certain point in time, should you live long enough; then nothing will continue to grow in or on your human body. . .except cancer. Then, you will inevitably die. The Earth is analogous to a human body, and human beings, and all life forms, analogous to cells on that human body, the Earth, and it's resources the materials used by the cells, or life forms; and also the wastes produced by the life forms. After so much time, the Earth, and the life forms, or cells, become the cancer cells, growing, destroying, imploding the organism, planet Earth.
Capitalism is one of those cancers; and truly, this Earth has many cancers now. From here forward, pick your own analogy to describe it. With capitalism, the goal is to produce, to consume, to make the economy "grow," but the economy can not grow continuously; in fact, the greater the Gross Domestic Product of a given nation, the greater that nation's level of "cancer." Solving problems is big business; creating problems is even better business. Order Out Of Chaos, it's on the back of your criminal currency; and you've become so accustomed to that currency, that you not only don't realize that it's there, you no longer understand that it is all, each and every federal reserve note, based on debt.
Judges, Lawyers, Cops. . .are all cancerous cells in the Capitalist system, for they cast value judgements upon the victims of sub cultures; Nazis were brought up into cultures where Ashkenazi Jews were taught to them from their birth on up to be. . .subhuman, undeserving of life, Nazis are victims of their cultures. Drug users, the largest group of persons making up the prison population, are most often victims of economic circumstances; and so, the real criminals are those who have them incarcerated at a profit for big businessmen in far away offices. Value judgements have been cast by the businessmen, and those values all are this: my increase is worth more to me than anything that the rest of you could possibly offer.
But those big businessmen too, are victims of a culture, are they not? We can't just condemn them, can we? Of course we can't. Big capitalistic and parasitic businessmen were brought up in a culture where the ultimate expression of value was the American Dollar. Who's to blame?
"For The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil."

Human Rights Abuses in American Prisons

Dear Friend,

At long last, yesterday the Department of Justice launched its 60-day public comment period on proposed national standards addressing sexual abuse in detention. In an extensive report, the Department also released, for the first time, its own estimate of the number of inmates who endured sexual abuse while behind bars in a one-year period: TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED.
That's right: TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED. . This number is a devastating confirmation of what JDI has claimed for years -- sexual abuse in U.S. detention is a horrific, nationwide human rights crisis.
Let's put TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED in perspective: almost 600 prisoners a day are subjected to rape and other forms of sexual abuse while in the government's care. Or, put differently, 25 inmates are abused every hour of every day. That number reflects only the first time each person was victimized during a one-year period; the number of incidents of sexual abuse is several times higher, as many inmates are assaulted again and again. Prisoner rape survivors continue to be locked up with their assailants, unable to escape -- forced to live in constant fear of another attack, their trauma renewed every time they see their abusers. These are our fellow human beings, men, women, and children who one day will return home to their families and communities.
Washington, DC, January 26, 2011. According to a study released today by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), even in substantiated cases of staff sexually abusing inmates, only half of the abusive officials were subject to any legal action. Indeed, 15 percent of confirmed staff abusers were allowed to keep their jobs. Such high levels of impunity are shocking considering that every state has a law criminalizing sexual contact between officials and inmates.

"By failing to take serious action against abusive staff, prisons and jails across the country are tacitly approving of these crimes -- a message lost on no one within these facilities. We are talking about reported and substantiated incidents of abuse by the very people who are supposed to keep inmates safe and whose salaries are paid by the taxpayers," said Lovisa Stannow, Executive Director of Just Detention International.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

The only candle in the dark I've found on this issue is the LEAP organization, and organization of law enforcementofficers against the failed, and socially cancerous prohibition in America. It is better to fall upon your own sword than to aide and abet the enemy; for aiding and abetting the enemy is, in fact, treason.

Prison Song


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