Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sam Harris, Free Will, and a Mess Of Potage.

Quite literally - infinity is far far beyond your comprehension. Damn sure it is far past mine.

What we have as the human kind ...are five senses best adapted and evolved towards our own survival on an absolutely insignificant third rock from a tiny star in an infinite yet expanding multiverse.

Anything you believe is really a possibility...any time someone tells you it isn't - they are only te
lling you their limitations...their lack of comprehension regarding an expanding infinity.

So Sam Harris says you have no free will? Well, perhaps if you endorse his idiotic notion, then you sold your part of the expanding infinity of the multiverse for what....$9.99???? You gave up your free will, your very birthright into expanding infinity for LESS than Esau sold his birthright to Jacob?....a mess of potage?..or stew?

The joke is seriously on you, my stunted intellectual friend.


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