Friday, October 26, 2012

I hate the entire topic of abortion, and I always will.  I also hate talking about the distant past, like how once on a website long long fallen into nothingness - I was a "number one" blogger without cheating like so many others did.

Anyway, here's an old one I dug up from the "grave."

An Abortion Would Have Been Better.

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    Just yesterday I told a new friend, a lovely Lady from Greece that abortion was a topic that I was scarred of.  Today, page 4A of "The Dallas Morning News" changed all of that.  I'm facing that fear today.  There's been lots of talk(round here) lately about a population crises, and who can argue that there isn't one?

    Legislated morality based upon any religion is against every ideal that the United States was founded upon, but this isn't going to be so much about that as it is the pure stupidity of  some of those who are under the influence of fundamentalist Christianity.  Amora Bain Carson never lived long enough to make any decisions about religion, and I think that the circumstances of her life and death were such that given the choice herself she'd have chosen to have never lived at all.

     Wednesday, December 3, 2008, in a Henderson, Texas courtroom Amora Bain Carson's parents were arraigned on capital murder charges for her beating death.  Blain Milam, 19, and Jessica Carson, 18 remain jailed in lieu of a $2,000,000.00 bail for each of them.  The young couple, according to Rusk County sheriff's deputies used a hammer, and a couple of other objects to "beat the demons out" of their daughter.  They'd also bit her more than twenty times.

     Originally the "Tyler Morning Telegraph" spoke of the couple's claims of auto accidents, attacks by dogs, and even that someone else had harmed their much loved daughter.  The couple even claimed at one point that their 13 month old had beaten herself with a hammer.

    Mr. Milam, an upright Christian father, had previously been convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child this past August, and was put on probation.  That case did not involve Amora, but since the child was clearly demon possessed anyway. . . . . .Lt. Reynold Humber said that the couple eventually told deputies that they had beaten the child to death.

   Now I'm going to speculate a bit here and say that the good Christian homes that these two parents were raised in taught them of the evils of abortion.  I'm going to go a bit further and say that they'd most likely been taught that the fact of "demon possession" was an unfortunate and common problem throughout human history as can clearly be seen throughout the New Testament(strangely enough, I can't find demon possession in the Old Testament. . . . .hmmmmm......), or rather, the books that were approved by God to be in the New Testament.  If you've read the book of Acts then you surely know that sometimes demon possessed individuals can be violent, and will attack you when you try to cast out those demons in Jesus's name, but without his authority or (written?) approval.

    I don't want to hear about CPS, and how they should have taken the child-Christians such as these raise their own children.

    Clearly, an abortion would have been better.


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