Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snap On Knife and LED Flashlight Combo Kit

Okay so we've established that I have a knife fetish, well here is another one I purchased recently.  Yeah, I have a job, and I sometimes pay bills, and sometimes I buy toys.

I bought this kit or combo of knife and LED flashlight for one reason - I wanted a sturdier flashlight to carry with me on my late night mountain bicycle rides.

I'm no fitness nut, but I'm pretty damned fit, and I intend to stay that way for as long as possible.  All the flashlights I had sitting around the house here were really cheap five dollar lights.  Oh those things are wonderful for a while, they are very bright, and typically are powered from three AAA batteries, but after bouncing around on cross country mountain bicycle rides, those things show their true quality, or rather, they fucking stop working.

This flashlight here has a Xenon bulb, is water proof, comes with a spare bulb,shatter proof lense, and well, I could be wrong - I've not used it much yet, but just holding the thing, it leaves the impression that it is MUCH better built than the no name ones that cost five bucks at the convenience store counter.

Have no fear....I fully intend to purchase a military grade Coast tactical flashlight soon, but for bouncing around the small family farm, this thing will do.

Oh hey, it comes with a knife as well.

Nice little tin box...hey, what I'm thinking here is this is a decent little Christmas gift for someone, no not mine...I'm keeping it, I'm only making tiny suggestions for God only knows who reads these things.  It's just over twenty bucks, and I'm VERY impressed by the quality of the knife and the flashlight for that amount spent.  Typically, the knife alone could cost that much, and Snap On isn't known for producing "junk products," - they've a very hard earned and worthy reputation.


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