Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Gerber AR 3.0 Pocket Knife

The knife above is the Gerber AR 3.0, and this is the knife I carry in my pocket day to day.  I wouldn't care what anyone thought about it, but I don't leave the house without a knife in my pocket, and as my key set has a mini leatherman on it, two knives.

Yes, I often use, I've not committed any sort of act of violence in ...hell, I've not so much as punched anyone in the face in more years than I can remember any more.

I have better knives than this one, but I decided on this thing as my daily pocket knife because my much better and larger Kershaw Ken Onion blade....well, to be plain about it all, I panic when I misplace that thing, and so I got this one, which I'd be sad to loose or break, but not devastated for it.

This is a good knife, it is razor sharp, and you can "quick flick" it out like greased lightening if you are into that sort of thing.  It locks, and you aren't going to have an issue of the blade collapsing on your fingers...ever.

Mine was a bit stiff at first, but that is how it should be - it has loosened up despite not having much been used....I use it often.

This Fall/Winter I'm working as an electrician, and I use a box cutter to cut insulation off of wire, but often times when I'm hanging a ceiling fan or a fancy light fixture, I take off my heavy tool belt to assemble the thing, and so I use this pocket knife to cut into the boxes with, and then, sometimes one has inner boxes to cut open.

I spotted this knife on amazon for just over thirty bucks...and now that I see one, I wish I'd had the serrated edge knife as it would provide more utility in cutting ropes or skinning wires, etc.

I paid at least twelve bucks more for mine than what these are listed at on Amazon....duly noted, and not to be repeated.

I've a long time of use involving myself and Gerber brand pocket knives, and these are good knives.  They are good for use, and if you lose one, well, they didn't cost too much.  They also make pretty decent gifts.

Buy your knives online, folks.

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