Friday, November 9, 2012

Having Some Boots Cobbled.

Listen, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to men's footwear.  No, I don't spend all my funds on such things, but...nothing is better to a working man than a sturdy foundation...except his meals, his bed, who shares it, his food, his tools.

Screw it already - footwear is important, almost as important as beer...almost.

So I have an old pair of boots that I just can't part with - do you know the feeling?

I can sleep in these boots - they are just that freaking comfortable, and screw you if you think me sleeping in boots is uncouth.  They aren't your boots, and you don't know how it feels to wear these boots.  I'm telling you in no uncertain terms they are tremendous boots, and the best I ever did have, and that I can sleep in them because they are just that comfortable.

Wolverines - is the name of the brand, and I don't know or care where they are made, as they are the best boots I've ever owned or wore.  Why would I care?  I'm NOT going to wear lesser boots from some established home town brand when someone else's are something so wonderful I could even sleep in them.

Well, my boots look like those below.  The problem with them is...they've been worn...a lot, and the soles are practically gone.

Kaufman, Texas now has a boot and shoe repair place...Cobblers, if you are into words that mean what I'm talking about.  If you are into Honey Boo Boo -then fuck yourself, and never speak to me again, block me on all social networks, and go the hell away.

A cobbler is someone that repairs footwear, and it isn't my problem you are so damned stupid you didn't know...did you vote for Obama?  Yeah, I thought so.

No idea, really, why I'm so vulgar when I think of politics.  Maybe it is because the system seems so very sick to me.

Anyway, $65 dollars to have the rubber souls (it's an album by the Beatles, you fucking retard....) installed on my super awesome Wolverine brand boots.  I left a $20.00 deposit.  I'm hoping that Lazarus will come forth.


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