Friday, November 2, 2012

I Want and Need an Old Pickup Truck.

In the past, I've bought new vehicles, and they were always very nice and brand spanking new pickup trucks.  While my personal credit score is probably very very low (why would I care?) - I have also learned the foolishness of being fascinated with the "niceness" of a perfectly new automobile.

You lose, and you lose hard when you finance over long years - and this is exactly why we can't have nice things.  You borrow - you lose.  It's just a rule of economics, and it doesn't change for many either.

Reliable transportation is a privilege, and so is driving - if you've not learned that in life, you are quite slow on the uptake.

You do not "deserve" a driver's license, and you do not "deserve" free transportation - you earn those things.

Me, I've not had a personal fossil fuel burning thing since 2008 when my last pickup was repossessed for late payments.  Twice I've had pickups repossessed, and twice I've felt as if a burden was lifted from my shoulders for it.

So there is a judgement against me for the first one...somewhere around seven thousand dollars - maybe if they wish in one hand, spit in the other, they'd only see just which will fill up first?

Anyway, I'm not into financing ANYTHING and I do mean for any reason.  I'm no "sucker," you know.

Yeah, see, I've sold cars and trucks before - I know the game intimately, and I'm good at it too.

I no longer bank.  It is a simple fact that I hate banks, and I especially hate bankers.  Yes, I spend dollar bills - it is hardly my ineptitude that idiots endorse some Jewish whore who prints off money at whims.  Not I, my friends - but this isn't my world is it?

No, not my world, and I'd not do what the whores who think they own it had to do to get it either.  Thanks very little!

....and NO, I don't ever particularly need transportation.  In fact, the next bit of transportation I purchase will look a hell of a lot like the following:

My current bit of transportation looks a lot like that, but is rather "careworn" - the breaks don't much work, but see the great thing about it is - I never get going too fast on it.

I do need a pickup truck though, and I shall have one - it is just the way things work for me....I always get the things I really need.  I always have.

Today, I was working with a sub contractor with a Master electrician's license, the man was younger than me, but had (obviously) been more inclined to stick with electrical work over the duration than I ever had been...he was driving an old pickup truck, and he said he'd paid seventy five dollars for it.

Did you hear me?  $75.00  dollars.

Yeah, he bought a truck that wasn't running - and he put the rest of it together, but it had a straight body, and still does, and it had the engine and transmission in it....seventy five bucks at an auction, and he pulled it home on a trailer.

He put a water pump on it, a battery, and an alternator - then he had it inspected, and had an oil change on it...he drives it for work.

The truck is a half ton pickup, a 1993 Dodge - the square body the year before they changed the body style....oh man, I lust after that truck, and that kind of deal.


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