Sunday, November 4, 2012

Prostitution - The World's Oldest And Most Abused Profession.

The following was first a blog on Myspace, after the suicide of the formerly wonderful blogging and social network, I had moved it to  As Hubpages now chooses to deindex pages that have shown little traffic of late (Deindexing removes a page from Google's search engine) - I opted to move it here, as I like having the final say, thanks very little!

Why is prostitution illegal?  Well, for a simple reason - people are often petty, think themselves superior (like I just now did!) to others, and well, they seem to feel that the same process or exchange is perfectly wonderful so long as it is disguised quite enough for the teenagers to have not caught on just yet.

In other words, it is illegal for the reasons of hypocrisy, stupidity, and because the federal government of the USA is loaded with corporate shills that must proclaim a false morality, and wear a fake piety party mask they bought at the dime store.

Prostitution is illegal for the same reasons that marijuana is illegal - and for the same reasons people spend time worrying about the lives of persons such as "lady ga ga," who damn sure isn't concerned for your life.

So long as one is an adult film star - prostitution is perfectly legal, but so far as I am aware, only in certain counties in California...and of course, Los Vegas.

I'm a skilled labor prostitute myself.  I trade my time, blood, sweat, and tears for not much money - but am I not risking my health and the lives of others when dealing with high pressure refrigerant, high voltage electricity, power tools, and oxygen acetylene torches?

I think I am.  I'm a skilled laborer...prostituting my skill and labor for dollars, and some dreams for tomorrow.

I'm not even so certain the bit of story I related below would be considered "prostitution" by law enforcement - but I'm positive most Baptist preachers would think it wretched.  For all the world it looked more like two people exchanging something and getting what they at least believed they'd wanted.

Perhaps the state of Texas should rent or sell marriage licenses in one hour (thirty minutes?) increments?

Spring 2009, The Reiger House, Dallas, Texas.

The first thing I do in the mornings is curse the fact that I'm no longer sleeping. Shortly after that I look for some form of tobacco. Yesterday the pattern held, and true to form I bummed a smoke from someone and went to the front porch.

So anyways. . . .I was having a smoke. It was raining. Accross the street there was a young woman walking around in the rain making it aparent to all the world that she was looking for something. She was soaked.

As I've gotten older I've lost most every reservation that I once had that prevented me from flirting. I am liable to say something to any given woman at any give time now. I am a loose cannon. I could tell that the young woman wasn't UN-attractive so I yelled, "Hey next time I'll loan you my umbrella!" That's really the best that I can do early in the mornings-or damn the time, I mean to say that's as well as I can do so soon after waking.

So she came up in the yard and while I was dry on the porch she was getting soaked while she asked, "Is this the sobriety house?"

"Yes it is, can I help you?" I said.

"Is Dean here?"she asked.
"I'm Heather-he'll be glad to see me!"

I'm legendary for being slow on the uptake. I just figured that Dean, who is somewhere between 55-65 years old was someone she knew. Later I remembered that that man man was from Ohio, or something; and only wound up in Texas last year on an extended bender.

So having had a closer look I reclassified Ms. Heather as not exactly being a prospect for WTS. I'm certain that she'd been a lovely young woman at one time-but she really looked "care worn" for her age, which I put at about the same as mine.

Later on two of the guys were talking,
"I can't believe Dean fucked that ugly girl!"

"What?" I interrupted, "Heather, who was here earlier?"

"yeah," the other said, "he went off to her place and 'spent quality time with' her. She needed some money."

"I didn't think she was very bad looking,"
Basically I was trying to pretend that I wasn't so flabergasted by the whole deal. The girl seemed like someone coming to visit an old family friend, or something-I'd never considered that she was turning a low key trick.

I've been trying to decipher how I feel about that interaction. It's springtime, and the oldest guy in the house is the one who just got laid. She came here looking for him-not the other way around. I guess they had something worked out beforehand. I'm damn sure not the one to tell someone that that was wrong. The woman needed some money, and Dean, like the rest of us guys here-needed some 'attention'.

Though that sort of thing might not be the ideal way for me to go about it-Dean damn sure ain't going to get a woman like Heather with his looks. And I can't help but be a bit jealous.


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