Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wrangler Cargo Pants - Men's Workwear

Wrangler Brand Cargo Pants.

"Todd, I always wear Wrangler's Cargo Pant's," he'd said.
"Why's that?"
"Because I always need something that I don't have the money to pay for, the economy is getting worse still, and will continue to do so, it's either some Jew or some Arab that owns every last convenience store, and I need a beer, you need a beer, and I'm going to get us both some beer, all you have to do is help just a little bit, okay?"
"Now, you do agree that these foreigners are given loans to start these businesses in this country, and you and I can't get those same loans, right?"
"Bankers and Israelis with dual citizenship are running this nation into the ground on purpose for their god damned new world order messiah that they've dreamed up, and they couldn't even recognize their own messiah when he looked them in the face, right? Usury is a system that can't help but implode upon itself, when the game 'Monopoly' is finished, it's all got to go back in the box, right?"
"Exactly, and did you see how that fucking Bernake just smirked and said, 'No,' when asked to tell the Senate guy where the money went?"
"Of course I saw that, my friend, so now; we'll walk in, and you go to the counter and ask some stupid question, while I stuff my Wrangler Brand Cargo Pants with twenty four ounce brews, alright?"
"Sounds like a plan, I'm thirsty."
Wrangler Brand Cargo Pants, sticking it to the man, and providing Americans with beer, pants, and comfort; the way things ought to be.

Wrangler Cargo Pants

Wrangler's Cargo Pants.

Wrangler's Cargo Pants help ordinary Americans, the likes of which that globalists, fascists, or corpratocracy advocates hate - to obtain what we want and need at a fair price, or no price at all. Get your Wrangler's Cargo Pants today, stick it to the man, and enjoy your life despite the death of America, America's Bill Of Rights, and America's Constitution. The good life is still out there for the taking, and take it we must.


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