Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Catch a Crayfish in Texas-easy and fun!

I bet most all Southerners my age and older remember The Crawdad Song. We used to sing it in music class in elementary school. What a cacophony!
Later in life, I started learning to play the acoustic guitar. I assure you, anyone who seeks to learn that instrument in earnest has set off on a lifelong process. But well worth the effort!
Anyone who enjoys the sound of an acoustic guitar played with a pic should know of Doc Watson, the blind, and still living American Folk Music legend. Doc used to play the Crawdad song. Later, Clarence White, a musical genius with a peculiar sense of time as it relates to music, did the Crawdad Song, and I believe a video is available of that on youtube.
"You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey. You get a line and I'll get a pole, babe!"
I think that in elementary school we were all a bit anxious about the "honey," and "babe" stuff. LOL!

Cheap, easy, healthy, outdoors fun!

Anyways, I remember that in the schoolyard we had crawdad holes everywhere. There is a particular, marshy smell that accompanies places like that, and my first elementary school was such a place.
But I didn't catch crayfish there-I only sang the song, but probably not very loud.
Back at home, however, I caught crayfish! Now, I don't know anything about thisline, and pole business. That sounds more like traditional fishing. It's not how I caught my crayfish.
Ham. Ham is how I caught the little armored buggers. Preferably, old ham, the kind of ham that the Mom had decided should go to the dog. Use THAT ham!
. . . . .. and take some boots that your Mum won't mind you getting dirty! :-D
All you need to do to catch a crayfish is squat down at the edge of a pond with that old ham that we were just now reviewing, and allow the ham that you are holding in your non-dominant hand to set in the water for a moment.
I'm hoping that you've chosen to do this on a Spring, or Summer day. You are altogether foolish to try this when the local pond is frozen. :-D
Back to business---------> Crawdads/crayfish can not resist the ham in your(if you are right handed) left hand. They will very soon approach, and try to grab it with their pincers. When they inevitably DO grab your old ham that your Mum has pre-approved for crawdad fishing-you'll ever so slowly pull your hand, and it's ham back towards the shore.
Then, you'll grab the tail of the crayfish with your other hand. Congratulations! You've caught a crawdad! Now run home and show your Mum!
See how much fun you've had without that damn television or that stupid game box!

A Good Ol' Texas Crawdad.

The Crawdad Song.


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