Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Guess Leather Jackets For Men

Nothing much beats a leather jacket for style, and I've owned several in my adult life.  My favorite is the one by Guess, it's just the most attractive and most utilitarian leather jacket I've ever owned.

I got my first leather jacket early on in high school. It was brown, and I remember that London Fog was the brand. I've no idea if the thing had been made in the United Kingdom or not, you know how brand names so seldom correlate to being what they say or imply that they are these days. It was the same more than twenty years ago when I got that jacket, and I kept wearing the thing for a very long time. Finally, it wound up being stolen while I was living in one of those places a man doesn't like to have to live at. I never saw it again.

The second leather jacket I ever owned was really a suede jacket, and it was also brown. I don't recall the name of this brown suede jacket because I didn't wind up getting to wear it nearly so much. It had gotten a bit dirty the way that suede will sometimes do, and so my mother took it to a dry cleaner in Terrell, Texas; and the place magically went out of business just like that, and I suppose they kept the nice suede jacket that was mine and not theirs, and used it in some small manner to recoup their losses. I hope their ill gotten gain had picked up some manner of parasite, and eaten into the flesh of the usurpers. Hey, you wouldn't wish for me to put a pretty face on everything, would you?

The third leather jacket I got was the infamous and ubiquitous black leather bomber jacket. Surprise surprise, I've still got the thing, and it's rather worn in, but also hasn't ever been worn so much as it could have been. I hardly ever go anywhere at all any more, and when I do go somewhere, it's often not the kind of place one would wear one's nicer clothes too, or it's just that I'm going by bicycle, and so that's not a mode of travel that suits nice clothing. It's a Wilson brand leather jacket, and I intend to wear it

more....maybe that will happen when God calls a cease fire on the global warming thing that the industrialist that have all the money expect us poor to pay taxes and carbon credits on in behalf of them for.

That Would Be ME, In My Guess Leather Jacket

Looking ANCIENT in my Guess Leather Jacket.
Looking ANCIENT in my Guess Leather Jacket. | Source

My Guess Leather Jacket

Now this last Christmas I got from my mother and father the Guess leather jacket that you see above. Well no, not initially, at first I received a Guess leather jacket that didn't fit so well, the sleeves of it went past my hands. I'd say it was a bit too large, and anyone would agree. So the initial Guess leather jacket was returned for another one, and the smaller and correct size for me was not available in the same design as the one that I'd had, and so It was exchanged for the one that I've got.

I can't say whether or not I'd have liked the first one the best, it's just a memory now of something that didn't fit right, and I'm not likely to become any more pleased than I already am with the one that I've now got. In the end the Guess leather jacket that I wound up with as a gift from my mother and father is very satisfactory in every way. It's got an inside liner that zips in or out depending on how cold you think it is, lots of nicely located pockets on the inside and the outside, and a rough and rugged sort of look that is also something that you appreciate in it's structure. It just seems like something I'm going to enjoyiwearing during the Falls and Winters for a lot of years to come. I only need to take care that some miscreant at a rehab or a going out of business and thieving dry cleaner doesn't decide that they need it more than I do.

In any case, I like the looks and feel of the thing so much that I'm recommending it here to anyone anywhere, and especially to men who like utilitarian clothing for work or play. I can only imagine that Guess brand women's leather jackets would suite most women in the same manner of pleased as I am with this one.


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