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Survivalist Backpacks And Survival Knives For Hikers.

A Backpack Is No Small Thing!

Growing up we probably all had a backpack at one time or another for school. I recall some of those pitiful things, poorly sewn together with one big opening at top where one could slide their school propaganda books into place, and zip em' in tight. Maybe there were one or two more openings external from there for things like calculators, and a sack lunch.
Truly, those backpacks were forgettable.
In 2009 I was working all Summer repairing air conditioners for the wealthiest people in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. When that all fizzled out with the mild Summer that year I wound up letting an old friend move into and crash out on the floor of my super cool area of Dallas apartment. The friend had just got back to the USA from having hitch-hiked and walked from somewhere in Italy to the Netherlands. He'd gotten into the habit of walking long distances with a super duper cool and big, bad backpack with a million compartments in it.
Truly, the man had a badass backpack.
In 2010 I wound up living in Seaside, California for a while, and hiking in the Northern California mountains with a guy who is in the US army special forces. My friend in the service is an over achiever in life, and he didn't stop there. He's now an overachiever in gear, but of course an army Ranger would know great gear when they saw it. We hiked, and I should tell you I spent some major time getting into shape for all of that...but I still lagged far behind.
Truly, I came to appreciate some badass survivalist backpacks.

This Man Looks Very Tired...But At Least He Is Prepared For Anything. That Backpack Was Bursting At The Seams With Survival Gear!

That would be me....feeling like I might just fall over...while climbing a mountain.
That would be me....feeling like I might just fall over...while climbing a mountain. | Source

Survival Gear For Hikers

Listen, when I was in Northern California I absolutely loved it, and wished I could land a job somewhere that would allow me to stay there. Nearby Salinas, California was the homicide per capita capital of the USA that year though, and ostensibly the reason was that it was stocked full of illegal immigrants that no longer had any work to do, and no money to spend. The state was bankrupt, and still is.
....But I enjoyed the hiking and the scenery, and the amazing beauty of that state. While California is indeed a wonderland, the rest of the nation has lots of beauty too.
Oh gosh, I would pick up every free magazine or newspaper around, and sometimes I'd buy one at the local book store too, and every last week there were reports of folks that went hiking and hadn't come home, and please call the following number if you know of their whereabouts, etc. I didn't have much fear, I was hiking with a dude that had already done four tours in Iraq, and had also been present in combat in places like Kosovo. Every time we went hiking I was amazed at some new survivalist gadgetry that I was shown, and the backpacks we used were themselves set up for folks that took things like hiking very seriously.
Listen I'm no survivalist, and if you think watching that junk on television called Survivor is roughing it, then I can assure you that you're on the wrong web page. There's a lot to be admired in any person that knows about serious first aide for someone that is twenty miles from civilization and has a compound fracture, and then has the equipment to make water running down the side of a hill safe and drinkable, and the myriad other factors one might need to overcome when spending an unexpected night in the cold on the side of a mountain.
Besides first aide and water purification, one certainly needs a small and light weight tent that fits snugly into such a backpack, lightweight but calorie rich rations of food that are preferably high in protein and as light weight as possible, things like matches that light even after being soaked wet, range finders,, durable light weight rope, and the list goes on.

High Grade Survival Knife With Equipment.

Survival Knives.

Look, I'm not here on the web to bullshit anyone ever. Straight up, I love guns and knives, and all other manner of weaponry. No, I don't much use that stuff, but I sure love to play with it. I tend to think it's genetic, really. I'm not Mr. Overly Masculine, and ain't trying to compensate for anything here. I just totally love guns, knives, and I fully intend to purchase a compound bow sometime this year.
But hey, we're talking survival knives here. Oh you all remember well the movie First Blood where Sylvester Stallone went all nuts as a former Green Beret, and fired untold thousands of rounds of ammo all over the place in one of the most violent films ever made. You remember that, right? Well I sure do, and I have to tell you here, in my book Stallone wasn't even the star of that film, the star of the film was the character John Rambo's survival knife.
Oh you better believe that I soon had myself a low grade and very cheap copy of the star of that film, the Rambo Survival knife, and it had the twine and hooks for fishing, the matches, the compass, and all the other stuff that it was supposed to have in it too. No, I've not a single solitary clue as to what happened to that thing, and no, mine was surely not worth more than twenty dollars new. It's probably somewhere in the woods nearby where I used to live rusted beyond all recognition.
What I have to say here though is that the idea of that, the survival knife with all those goodies stored inside the hilt of the thing - was just freaking awesome. Typically the blades on those things were a bit too long for someone to safely carry around with them in their vehicle, and you know what? If you carry something like that with you all the time you might be the type that deserves a little police harassment for it. These things are survivalist tools for folks roughing it and enjoying the great outdoors.
Heck, the only thing Rambo's knife didn't have that it needed was a small and high powered LED flashlight, one must certainly have one of those, or a dozen, should they be serious about running from FEMA homeland insecurity nazis and folks otherwise infected with the mass media zombie apocalypse virus.

Hiking Is Very Rewarding, But It's Always Best To Be Prepared By Having Premium Survival Gear!

Well, somehow that guy made it to the he's only got the downhill part to go!
Well, somehow that guy made it to the he's only got the downhill part to go! | Source


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