Friday, April 1, 2016

The Kel-Tek P .32 Pistol, an Outstanding Handgun For Less Than $300.00

It is a dangerous world out there, and the tiny Kel-Tec .32 caliber pistol can fit in your pocket without being seen. It is a fabulous personal defense weapon, and easily concealed.



The Kel-Tec P.32

An Ideal Handgun For Women.

The Kel-tek p32 is an outstanding small pistol for personal defense. It is lightweight, compact, and reliable. I've had the pleasure of firing this weapon at targets, and it would be a fun gun to own. I immediately thought after firing the weapon that it had such a slight recoil that the Kel-tek p32 would be the ideal weapon for women to carry as an aid in personal self defense.

Everyone everywhere has heard of the "peacemaker," the legendary Colt .45. Despite the irony in the moniker, the .45 caliber pistol is often the preferred pistol for rednecks, or wanna be bad boys everywhere. But could my Mother shoot one to defend herself? I seriously doubt it. Too much recoil with those things. Even if my Mother, or another Lady like her, or in her age group wanted to try shooting a .45, I wouldn't allow it. Not in MY presence. I wouldn't want to be responsible.

I'm not saying here that women aren't able to handle a .45, what I'm saying here is that ANY woman, the smallest, oldest, and most frail women in the world WOULD be able to handle the Kel-tek p32 with ease, if they were trained and experienced enough to do so.

The p32 comes with a seven round magazine as a standard feature, but p32's can be had with a ten round magazine, and a full grip. You have to keep in mind that with the bigger magazine comes a larger grip, and the pistol itself is larger when you buy the ten round p32

The Kel-tek p32 was specifically designed to be a concealed carry weapon for civilians and law enforcement. Law enforcement officials do not carry this weapon as a primary, but as a backup. Hey, their job is probably more dangerous than yours is. Every edge and surface on this pistol is rounded and smooth, you can carry in your pocket or purse without the slightest worry that the thing will get caught on anything, or will noticeably protrude. Trigger pulling weight is between five to six pounds-so any adult with even marginal health should be able to use this weapon for self defense.


The Kel-tek p32 is easy to operate, lightweight, and designed for concealment. With it's 5 to 6 pound trigger pull, and very low recoil, this weapon is one that absolutely anyone could use for self defense purposes. With a price of less than $300.00, it's a weapon that also makes an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your loved one.





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