Monday, August 22, 2016

Lennox Sunsource Solar Powered Residential Air Conditioning

Lennox Sunsource Residential Condenser and Solar Panels.


Lennox Sunsource - Solar Powered Heating And Cooling For Homes.

Lennox is top of the line air conditioning equipment. I've sold Lennox products in the past, entire Lennox central heat and air systems, or just the major components, coils, compressors, condensers, or other parts - needed to keep a home's occupants happy enough with their central comfort system. Not only have I sold that sort of stuff, I've installed plenty of those parts or systems myself. There are other brands that I do like just as well as Lennox Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment, but so far as I know, these solar powered, or Lennox Sunsource systems are a first.
I've never actually seen one of these or any other solar powered residential air conditioning system. I don't want to leave you with the impression that I have seen or worked on one, as that would be misleading. I haven't. I've only recently become aware that these are being sold recently, and that, through a magazine article. I think that because these systems are new that there is likely to be some kinks to be ironed out - but I could be very wrong about that, as solar power panels aren't exactly new, and there's nothing new about the technology in a common residential air conditioning system.
I think that these systems are a fabulous idea, and I'd like to tell you just why it is that I think so highly of that idea. I don't know where you live, and it doesn't matter. If you live in a home that uses central air conditioning - then you should well know that when that system is running, that it is most likely the single greatest consumer of electricity in your home. In places like Texas, Louisiana, Florida; and the rest of the Southern United States, the cost of keeping a home cool enough just to not be miserable in the Summers is sometimes a budget and lifestyle breaking endeavour.
The power or electricity used to run such systems comes from the grid, and the grid is kept full of power by burning natural gas, coal, oil, and other such finite fossil fuel resources. Simply put, this can not go on - and quite factually, the US Government murders persons in Arabia and other places under false pretence simply for the profits of corporations that traffic in things like natural gas and oil. That is morally repugnant in every conceivable way, and then some.
Using a system like this Lennox Sunsource solar powered system means that you as an individual have less moral culpability whenever your government uses drone planes to kill little girls in Pakistan, and you should certainly be thinking about that - lest someone like myself have to remind you about it.
If you're just a big fan of Dick Cheney, Halliburton, and murdering little girls in Pakistan like B.H. Obama does; then by all means, friend, use a typical system and get your power from the grid instead of the Sun.

High Tech Revolution and Air Conditioning.

Since the time I first became involved in the HVAC industry I became literally amazed at how complex that industry really is. When one considers the commercial end of the HVAC industry - there's little wonder that high tech innovations are involved in heating and cooling something as large as the Sears Tower, or newer behemoth buildings. Even modern schools, the places that I first learned about air conditioning - are full of HVAC electronics that a residential system would never have.
But increasingly and to continue increasing, home heating and cooling systems are becoming ever the more high tech. The Lennox Sunsource is no different. Literally, you can connect this system to the internet so as a third party website can show you the data from your own home concerning the performance of your Lennox Sunsource system.
The Lennox Sunsource isn't just one system, or one product. Most new enough Lennox Brand Condensers can be upgraded to where the Sunsource solar panel systems can be integrated into that homes central heating and air conditioning system.
As many as just one solar panel can be installed, as many as fifteen solar panels can be installed for just one split a/c and heating system.
If a home owner opted to have fifteen Sunsource solar panels installed for their home's Lennox a/c and heating system - then the power available for the home can also be used for lighting the home, running other appliances, so forth and so on. It's NOT just running the ever expensive air conditioning on solar power, Sunsource offers the ability to possibly run the entire home on solar power.
As a long time Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning service technician - I can't tell you how exciting this is. I urge everyone who is either building a new home, or who knows that they simply must replace their central heating and cooling system soon to check this out, and weigh the benefits of the potential savings - and purchase a Lennox Sunsource System!


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