Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got Cans?

American Waste

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Hi there! You see me, I saw you look! Your face was filled with disgust! "Honey, look at that drugged out looking fellow in the ditch with his bicycle picking up aluminum cans! Can you imagine sinking to that level?"

"Dear, that's Mr. Shaw's oldest son, his sister said that he was on drugs, and surely going to hell, didn't you know?"

Ah, but you are fat, and I am thin; I am healthy and fit; and having NEVER owned a credit card I sleep well without the trauma that must come with the certainty that you've let your instant gratification, and the debt that it brings take down America, and continually fund the Chinese. I provide a service to the community by cleaning up the streets, I make small change from this, and strengthen my legs and cardiovascular system in the process.

Imagine the vast wealth thrown from windows and left on the side of the road! I once turned in 700 pounds of aluminum scrap in one day, and made $350.00, tax free in the process. I don't need a tax break, I prefer never paying them in the first place. . . . . . .

Also, while you live in your insulated world behind the wheel of your SUV, or computer screen, I am getting in touch with my community-this is invaluable, because I am rooted in reality, and you are watching "Dancing With The Stars," I suspect that this aids your illusions. . . . . . .

Tell me, dear readers, your solutions to these problems listed: wastefulness, money shortages, modern life(and the ways that you get in touch with your community), your health, and litter. Try throwing cans out of the car in Austria, see what happens to you there-I've never been, but from the Rick Steve's angle I've seen nada trash on the streets. *wink*


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