Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American Values

Mainstream media is corrupt.

Just the other day I described my recent experience at the Human Services Department for the county in which I live, but there was another incident in the lobby/waiting area there that I keep thinking about. No, I wasn't looking at the ex-stripper that I told you about. I didn't get to speak to the very troubled, but attractive young woman that I didn't mention either.
What happened was this: A woman in her early 40's and her slightly pre-teen daughter came in. There were only two available seats, and they were either next to me, or the one directly across from the one next to me.
"Go on, have a seat," said the woman to her daughter. "He's not going to git you!"
The young girl was not scared of me at all-but she was shy. I don't know if she'd ever been told, or not-but her innocent smile was beautiful. She never stopped smiling either.
As it happened, the mother took the seat next to me; and the young girl opposite of her. The child quickly took out one of those little hand held gaming devices that every child I see of that age seems to have these days. The mother took out one of those soft core porno magazines that they sell everywhere, People , I believe was what this one was called.
As she turned the pages we made "chit chat" about Brad and Angie, and several other people whose names I often forget. At one point she turned a page and there was a man pictured exclusively there-and I had never seen this fellow before, "I feel so sorry for him-his wife just nit picked him to death!"
"I don't know who that is."
After speaking this you'd have thought that I'd been shown a picture of our current President-and said the same thing. Or perhaps I'd said something like, "little green men come into my room and visit me during the winter solstice," or something else bizarre.
"You mean you haven't heard of John and Kate Plus Eight!?"
"Well, of course I've heard of them, um. . . .him.. I never watch television though, I think it's all filth and lies."
And after just a few awkward moments we all got on with our day.


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