Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too poor for Food Stamps, When Social Services Are Impossible To Keep.

When the government's requirments for food stamps prevent the poorest persons from being able to keep them.

A month or so ago, I posted a hub about how I got food stamps.  Today, I realized that I'm too poor to be able to keep them.  There's nothing that I can do, but post it here.
A week or two ago I got a letter from the Texas Workforce Commission  that told me that because I was receiving food stamps, that I have a responsibility to look for work.  I agree with that in principle.  The government's idea of that being applied, however, isn't possible for those in extreme poverty, like me.
I was asked to come in to the Texas Workforce Commission office for a meeting.  I had to have my Mother take me there, because I do not have a vehicle.  We got there fifteen minutes late, and the people almost didn't let me in.
"The meeting started fifteen minutes ago, she probably won't let you in."
"I don't have a car," I'd said, "I had to get a ride over here-I can only get here when I can get here.  I live a long ways from here."
It turns out, that in order for me to keep my food stamps, I have to be able to prove to the people at the Texas Workforce Commission that I have spent 30 hours a week looking for work.  If you look at the math, then you'd see that I would have to spend 120 hours a month looking for work in order to keep $200.00/month worth of food stamps.
I live six miles away from the nearest small town-a town with very few businesses.  The largest town in the county is over twenty miles from home, and I have no way to get there to apply for jobs-much less spend 30 hours a week applying for jobs.  If I got a job, then I'd still have no way to get to it.
My Mother didn't retire to spend her life driving me around everywhere.  It's a hopeless situation, and I'm convinced that the United States government just doesn't give a damn for someone in my position.


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