Monday, January 23, 2012

From Swords To Plowshares. Soldiers Go into Farming.

Vets Return Home To Till The Earth

Around the world, there is much talk about food crisis, population crisis, and war. What isn't often told to the public is that every last soul on the Earth could fit inside of Los Angeles County, California; with room to dance. Every crisis is real, but the ones that matter are suppressed, but the ones that the money masters and politicians can benefit from are bloated through our criminal, manipulative media. He who controls the food supply controls the people, and with cancerous corporations like Monsanto bribing politicians and owned by globalist stock holders, we've a real crisis in the farming industry. Global elites want a much smaller, and more pliable population completely under their control; and we citizens not only have the rights to break down and destroy corrupt laws, we have the obligation to do so. So long as we've a United States Constitution and a Bill of Rights, we've also got the suppressed rights as jurors to nullify any law that any jury deems unfair, unfit, and Unconstitutional.
Yesterday, however, someone gave me an article that had been printed in theDallas Morning News, and I found it to be very interesting, and it suggested a very worthy and important trend that is in the best interests of us all should it continue and grow. A group of Marine and Army vets sat around as if in briefing for a planned assault given by an older, and wiser, and higher ranking senior officer.
"Think of it in military terms, it's a matter of survival, an uphill battle. You have to think everything is against you, and hope to stay alive."
But the issue at hand is not the ground assault learned in military training, but it's another kind of ground assault, identification of friend and foe alike is crucial; which insects are beneficial to farming, which are not, will a stray frog disrupt my irrigation system by clogging a pipe somewhere? <---These are the types of questions and obstacles that must be learned in this mode of combat, combating the elements for agricultural feasibility might even predate the earliest forms of infantry tactics.

Aging Farmers, A Very Real Problem.

Willie Nelson has long been the champion cheerleader for America's farmers, but like Willie Nelson, America's farmers are getting older, and falling out of the production end of economics, and segueing into retirement. Luckily for us all, a syllabus has been approved for a course in transition assistance, to transition young, energetic Marines into farmers by the Marine Corps, at Base Camp Pendleton, in California's avocado country. A six weeks course of hands on training at Archipley's farm, Archi's Acres is part of a wonderful "veteran - centric" farming movement. The goal here is to transform young vet's energies into agricultural production; but I'm hoping that they won't forgo their military combat knowledge altogether, Monsanto, the enemy of organic farming the world over, has it's own mercenary army.


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