Friday, January 20, 2012

Today I got food stamps. Social Services Are Sometimes Necessary

Today I got my Lone Star Card. I am not ashamed. Is this not public?
Monday, I first entered the Department Of Health and Human Services. I was ashamed then. The line was long, and I used that as an excuse to leave quickly.
Tuesday, I spent most of the day there-trying to get an appointment. I'm told that they check you out. It's no secret that I haven't earned a dime since August.
Do you think that there weren't some pretty young women there for me to see?
There were no classes of human that weren't there. I was forced to socialize, so many of us cramped into such a small room. It is healthy, and altogether strange in today's world to find pleasure in the company of people in despair, and strangers at that!
Every single time that someone entered the waiting room a vacuum sealed outer door caused a loud banging noise twice over. The seats were horrible. You can't glance away forever, you know.
Children, however, are golden-and oblivious to their adult overseer's awkwardness. A two year old boy belonging to what had to be a former stripper never stopped smiling-and the twin beauty queens to be didn't know how to handle a boy their size who stuck his chest out like a rooster, and pranced over to grin with his arm around a shoulder.
That young man had been coached very well. My greatest regrets come from my reticent attitude around women. . . . . .
So anyways, I got $173.00 for the rest of the month, and $200.00/month for the three months following that. After my nearly four months of state bought food, however, I'm told that I can not apply for three years. It's not much of a safety net-and truly, I wasn't about to starve.
I'm mixed up about all of this. Why should I drain my Mother's pantry when I can bleed the state for a bit? It's not like they aren't mass producing bullets to send into Arabs for no reason at all?.


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