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Bitcoins - Stable Digital Alternate Currency.

Bitcoins - Honest Currency.

Throughout the word the documented fact show the wealthiest persons in the world hoarding by theft increasing amounts of wealth. If you have ever wondered how this is happening, you only need look inside your wallet, and should there be international banker's paper currency in your wallet - behold the source of war, poverty, every lie told on television, and the means for perpetuation of your economic troubles. Now, you might think you do not have economic troubles, but I assure you otherwise, for when you pay IRS taxes, another Nobel Peace Prize winning puppet sends another drone plane to murder five year old girls in Pakistan, and Ben Bernake prints another billion dollars whose value is nothing but dreams.
Introducing Bitcoin, a digital currency that can't be either inflated or deflated in value by Rothschild puppets. Every single time you spend a Euro or a Dollar - you LOSE the fruits of your own hard labour at the hands of near infinite middlemen, and currency chairmen who's organization isn't part or parcel of your nation, and who's policy and machinations benefit an old oligarchy on its glorious death knell.
I assure you winning a game created for oligarchy wealth consolidation and a global slave class isn't possible, especially since making or changing any "rules" in the game is a cornerstone concept of global oligarchy architecture. If you think you are winning a game designed for your economic loss, you only lack morality, wisdom, or character.
Bitcoin currency is no game, my friends. Bitcoin currency is an honest means of exchange. Bitcoin was created for honest commerce towards the benefit of all who use them.

Bitcoins - Digital REAL Money.

Bitcoin - Ground breaking Digital Currency

January the third day of 2009 marked the birth of the bitcoin network, and on that day the first bitcoins were issued. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, released the original Bitcoin client as open source software, very different from say, the outright Orwellian misnomer of the Federal Reserve, which operates outside the oversight or jurisdiction of the people in the nation it ostensibly serves, isn't "federal," and has nothing in the way of reserves.
Whenever the term open source is used, it means that absolutely anyone can see how the entire peer-to-peer networking system works for themselves; contrast that to the total inability within congress of anyone to get a straight answer from Obama's Federal Reserve chairman, and the beauty of Bitcoin becomes self evident.
The complete description and computer technology terminology is rather complex, but it is entirely open source, and all transactions are verifiable for all in the Bitcoin network. This is comparable to being an actual member of the Rothschild or Rockefeller families in the realm of Euros and Dollars, but with the Bitcoin peer to peer network, the Bitcoin folks are literally inviting you to be part of the family.
Now, if you carefully read what was just above, you can see that Bitcoin spending is not private - all Bitcoin transactions are visible to the entire network, and this is vitally important as before Bitcoin, all digital currency schemes had failed due to double-spending.
What is double spending?
Well, before Bitcoin's open source peer to peer network, digital money schemes failed BECAUSE of privacy, as anyone could copy the digital money files. Bitcoin identities are public, but Bitcoin identities are not so easily traced to human identities - so privacy concerns are far less an issue than one might think. While using Bitcoin for illicit transactions is as much a possibility as with anything else, Jeff Garzik, a Bitcoin developer had the following to say,
"attempting major illicit transactions with bitcoin, given existing statistical analysis techniques deployed in the field by law enforcement, is pretty damned dumb."

What Are Bitcoins???

Bitcoin Growth Chart

The Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin is in no way a fiat currency, as it has no central issuing authority to manipulate it towards it's own advantage. There are approximately eight million Bitcoins now in circulation, but the plan is for expansion to a total of twenty one million total Bitcoins. Bitcoin Mining is the protocal of actual work done for creation of new coins, and again, this is all something completely verifiable throughout the entire Bitcoin peer to peer network that you too are not just welcome to join, but invited to join. Ben Bernake or an Alan Greenspan can not decide to create a few billion Bitcoins, then donate them to foreign banks, and then refuse to disclose to members of our very congress why or where things went.
Bitcoin is described as a quasi-commodity money, as it shares traits of both commodity money and fiat money, but yet is neither. Bitcoins can be exchanged for federal reserve dollars, but that would only be either wise or useful should some emergency situation arise, and of course, those situations present themselves. Bitcoins can be donated and used to purchase an ever growing number of goods and services throughout a growing peer to peer Bitcoin network. Bitcoin encryption technology makes theft from your digital Bitcoin wallet near to impossible.
If technology beyond the control of international banking crime cartels and money not drenched in oil and blood appeal to you, then I suggest you look into the future, and Bitcoin IS the future, yet is available to you today.
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  1. Nice Blog, BitCoin is not real money. It's an online "currency"—virtual tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services at places that accept it, the same way you'd give someone a dollar for a cookie. There is no center to the whole bitcoin system. It's not like there's one computer somewhere storing all the information. It's a peer-to-peer system, run by the people who use it. Money goes straight from you to whomever, through the BitCoin P2P system, with no intermediary agency passing along the chips. Not many places accept BitCoin at the moment, unlike traditional currency. But! There's decent incentive for small businesses to use it—it's free to use, and there aren't any transaction fees. Market Research Companies

    1. If I had a small business, I'd certainly use bitcoins over petrodollars as often as I was able.

      I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say it isn't "real money," if it can be exchanged for goods and services, and it can - how could it be any more real?

      I sure appreciate a system that isn't fouled by the powers that run this world, drenched in blood, as are those greenbacks.