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Dr. Timothy Leary - The Legend Of A Mind


Timothy Leary is a great American Hero for not only me, but for many. LSD is a wonderful chemical that can and will most often provide the user with a completely beautiful and harmless experience. Any and all stories concerning individuals who have died trying to "fly" while under the influence of LSD are direct and horrific lies concerning the straight out MURDER of an individual by the United States Government via the Central Intelligence Agency. It is forever a terrible mistake to assume that anything coming from American mass media contains even a molecule of truth, and that the agenda being pushed there is ever to the least concerned with your well being. While it should go without saying that discovering your own mind is a harmless endeavor that should be approached with respect, I have to say it as the folks that tend to run the nation, perhaps, do have something to be afraid of rattling around in theirs. As for me, taking LSD was a beautiful experience that I would not trade for large sums of money were the trip back into time even a possibility. Today, as the stuff is about as easy to find as a winning lotto ticket, I am left with some of my most special, and cherished memories; and my thoughts concerning the late Dr. Timothy Leary.

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Kaufman, Texas 1989 - Police LIES About Drugs, And Public Education.

I clearly remember the police officer and his idiotic display in the Junior High gymnasium the previous year. He'd had something that looked like a pill, and he'd set it on fire, and this produced a smell that served the intent and purpose of smelling exactly like what marijuana smells like when smoked. He then instructed the students to call a police officer, or tell a teacher immediately should we ever smell such a purely "satanic" smell, even if it was something that their own parents used. This is the world in which I live, but refuse to be a part of, a world where idiot police instruct children to snitch out their own parents for smoking plants that grow out of the ground. Surely then, God is the evil one, for having created the thing, and allowed it to grow virtually everywhere? What a strange world these officers of the "law" reside in!
A year later, a freshman in high school, I was between classes, and outside the building heading either towards the gym or the cafeteria. A young man I didn't know approached me looking rather frightened, and he told me that the dogs were here at the school, the drug dogs. He then whipped out a very large bag of marijuana, and thus the fright in his eyes. He asked me what he should do with it. I guess I looked like a trustworthy sort, and I am. I pointed to some bushes, thick shrubs that used to grow on the side of the building, and perhaps they still do, and I told him to hide it over there, and he did. Later on, at the end of the day he saw me again, and thanked me profusely for the help. That was the first time I'd ever knowingly seen the plant that is somehow illegal to own or grow in this, "greatest" nation on Earth.

Tyler, Texas 1994 - My LSD Experiences

Somehow I had graduated high school and was voted "most scholarly" of the bunch despite the fact that my grades had me in the bottom fifty percent. I suppose my ability to refuse to do homework, sleep through all classes save English and History, and somehow pass tests had not gone unnoticed. As it happened, I'd never consumed any sort of illegal chemical at all at that point, and had no plans to start. I clearly remember the first time that someone sparked up a joint in my presence, and I was in the back seat of his two door coup, and wanted out. I was afraid that the fumes would damage my brain. Such is the influence of mis - education, and mass media bullshit. I call it the power of Bronfman If you do not know, then Edgar Bronfman is the Ashkenazi "Jewish" mega mogul who owns Seagrams distilleries, and a whole lot more. His son is a media mogul who owns AOL, these are the sort of internationalist gangsters that want to do away with the United States of America, form a one world government, and usher in a new age of "utopia" under the leadership of their Humanist false messiah. In any case, I'd inadvertently helped out the Bronfman cause quite a lot in my younger days as I'd a habit of drinking copious amounts of liquor. In my second year of school in beautiful Tyler, Texas though, I'd become exceedingly fond of smoking marijuana, and listening to classic rock for hours upon hours. Yes, I passed the majority of my classes, and did rather well in some of them. Sharing a two bedroom two bathroom apartment with three other people doing the same thing, I'd not been able to help but notice that none of them bothered to even go to class any longer. But the weekend that one of my distant cousins came down to visit from Kaufman changed everything, and we all dropped some acid.

Dallas, Texas 2002, in which the Purple Dinosaur was, Indeed, Revealed.

Besides the idiotic meme concerning LSD making people think that they can fly, despite the fact that everyone who matters in this world already knows that that sick lie refers to one of the MK Ultra MURDERS by the Central Intelligence Agency, the other major lie that I used to hear growing up concerning LSD is the lie that they tell you about how one day, you just might up and see a purple dinosaur in the midst of your boring day. Well, I don't know about you, but that damn sure sounds like fun to me, and I'm here to tell you, friends, that I did, in fact, one day see a purple dinosaur.
While working for Metro Mechanical Incorporated, and on a service call to repair air conditioners at a film studio in the Dallas are. . . .I was working, and years after ingesting LSD, I saw the purple dinosaur. Barney, the Purple dinosaur, in all of his idiotic silliness appeared to me while on a service call. Of course it was the studio where they filmed his program, but at least there is a little nugget of truth in the old "Do Acid, and one day you'll just up and see a purple dinosaur" story.

Timothy Leary

Timothy Francis Leary was born on October 22, 1920; and walked the Earth until May 31, 1996. He was an influential American scholar, psychologist, professor, activist, and outlaw. He became an "outlaw" for his advocacy concerning the spiritual and emotional benefits that come with the use of LSD, or Lysergic acid diethylamide. As a counterpoint to the situations concerning Dr. Leary becoming an American "outlaw," it's important to realize the undeniable facts that that same government was also experimenting on it's own citizens with the same substance. The chief difference between Dr. Leary's use of LSD, and the United States Government's use of LSD is that Dr. Leary's subjects KNEW that they were taking LSD, and those experimented on by the United States Government sometimes DID NOT KNOW that they had ingested LSD. So who, I ask you, is the criminal? Dr. Leary, who's subjects willingly used LSD, or the U.S. government, who's subjects sometimes DID NOT know that they were using LSD? Blatant and outright hypocrisy always discredits an accuser's position to the point that there is no position or legs for said accuser to stand on, and in this case this is undeniably true.

"My Only Fair Trial In A Court Of Law."

In 1940, Leary enrolled as a cadet in the United States Military Academy at West Point. In his first months he acquired numerous demerits for rule infractions and then got into serious trouble for a bout of drinking and failing to be forthright about it. For violating the Academy’s "honor code", the Honor Committee asked him to resign. When he refused, he was "silenced," that is, shunned and ignored by his co-cadets as a tactic to pressure him to resign. Though acquitted by a court-martial, the silencing continued as well as an onslaught of demerits for minuscule infractions of the rules. When the treatment continued in his second year, his mother appealed to a family friend, U.S. Senator David Walsh, head of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee, who conducted a personal investigation. Behind the scenes, the Honor Committee revised its position. The Honor Committee announce that it would abide by the court-martial verdict and then Leary resigned and received an honorable discharge. Almost fifty years later, Leary said that it was
"the only fair trial I've had in a court of law"
(from Wikipedia)


From his rather shitty time in a military that rarely does what it exists to do, protect the United States of America, and rather, spends it's time via manipulations from afar via international banking crime syndicates, with the continuing, never satisfied lust for profits from printing fiat money at an interest that can only be repaid with more fiat money loaned from the same institutions at more interests. . . .Leary then became a scholar, which isn't surprising, considering the type of man that he was. Timothy Leary earned his Doctorate, or PhD. at University of California, Berkley; in the year of our Lord 1950 Leary though, is best known throughout the world, academically, for his association with Ivy League, mega wealth, but no better education for a thousand times the cost, elitist university, Harvard; and his lectures there, from which he was fired, and the reasoning for his firing was not legitimate. Of course no one could ever expect anything remotely resembling the truth from an elitist organization like Harvard University. Why would anyone expect the extremely wealthy to have any honor to speak of? It's pure delusion, and the furthest point of view to carry on in the manner that our media would have you to hold as stable. Nothing could be more UNSTABLE than to trust anything closely associated with elitist agendas or elitist Americans.
Take a look, if you dare, at elitist Ivy League Universities and their absence of contributions to your life. I think you'll be astounded at the globalist agendas, and the coinciding inflation of the American Dollar found there. Were you to honestly, and carefully consider the contributions of the graduates of Harvard and Yale to your daily life, you'd form a mob, and burn those places to the ground, and crucify all who work there in the public squares for their crimes against you, and your family.

Worthy Experimentation

By the Spring of 1957 magic mushrooms, illegal despite the fact that God himself planted them in our very Earth, had made their appearance in Corrupt American Mass Media, in magazines such as Time.  But in the year of our Lord 1960, Timothy Leary experienced "magic" mushrooms for the first time, and he claimed that he learned, and this isn't surprising at all, more about the possibilities and capabilities of his own brain than he had in five years of study at American Universities.

Magick Mushrooms

American Hero, Dr. Timothy Leary Laughing Under Arrest.

"Magic" Mushrooms

How a man could claim to be a Christan, and then decide that he somehow has the reason and authority to presume to judge one of God's own creations as "illegal," in defiance of natural law, law that knows no government, is forever beyond me. Does this same man then think that God Almighty has made a mistake, and caused a substance that he, the Lord of Hosts, needs mere man to make illicit for his fellows, "illegal" to grow? How prideful a man must be to deem himself, and his opinions concerning the states of mind of people that he does not know, having ingested God's own creation, unworthy of proper society! Can you say, my brothers and sisters, with me, on the beat; "SINNER!" "HYPOCRITE!" "SLANDERER OF THE GREAT I AM!"
The young man got off work from the pizza delivery place that no longer exists in the building that was knocked down in favor of a CVS, and jumped in a car headed for Garland, Texas with some redneck warriors such as his self; and there, for about two doves returned to town with a bucket of mushrooms. The young man then, made the rounds with the bucket to the residences of his friends, handfuls bestowed for free. Some made tea, others, like the young man with the bucket, just ate a few of them, and soon found himself in a world of hilarity, overcome with giggles. Surely this young man should have known that he was a "dangerous criminal," for causing so many to laugh. Everyone knows that laughter is a horrible thing, and should you doubt this, then I presume that you are neither literate nor sensitive enough to the world around you to have read the works of Umberto Eco; specifically The Name Of The Rose.
Suffice it to say that today's world is sorely lacking in anything, or any sort of movement or enthusiasm towards elevating consciousness. In fact, if one were to study the effects of today's media on it's subjects, you'd find that increasingly lower levels of consciousness are being achieved; and that the only understanding that much of today's youth is interested in attaining is the understanding of how they can get more of the things that they do not need being sold in the media. The purpose of the higher levels of consciousness that Dr. Leary, and others like him, were trying to achieve was to break through the understanding that they then had, and understand more. Today, the goal is explicitly that American's need to understand LESS of the world around them, and believe what they are told through the media. In any case, as it happened, Dr. Leary, and in conjunction with beat poet Alan Ginsberg, and associate Richard Alpert began experimenting on people with psilocybin and a synthetic equivalent developed by Dr. Albert Hoffman.
What happened was that many of Dr. Leary's research participants, often criminals, claimed that their lives had been changed through the experiences in a positive manner; which confirmed Dr. Leary's ideas that with proper settings and guidance, these substances could do just that, and that furthermore, such outcomes were either extremely difficult, or altogether impossible with traditional therapy. Next, Dr. Leary would use psilocybin while working with alcoholics, and despite the fact that recidivism rates for those that he worked with were lower than typical, the FDA declared that there were no benefits associated with a chemical that could be had for free, and psilocybin was made illegal.

The Truth About Marijuana - Bill Hicks


According to Leary's autobiography, Flashbacks LSD was given to 300 professors, graduate students, writers and philosophers and 75 percent of the test subjects reported the experience as one of the most educational and revealing experiences of their lives. I do not doubt Dr. Leary's claims or integrity at all. I would say unequivocally that my life is also the better for Hoffman's chemical, but the sad state of the world; the misguided, the religious, and the fear that they live in and spread caused other things to be preached, memes of no accord, throughout the mainstream media.
Next, Leary and Alpert founded the International Foundation For Internal Freedom in 1962 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was run by Lisa Bieberman (now known as Licia Kuenning), a disciple of Leary and one of his many lovers. Their research attracted a great deal of public attention and, as a result, many people wanted to participate in the experiments, but were unable to do so because of the high demand for psilocybin and it's synthetic, and of course, LSD. In order to satisfy the curiosity of those who were turned away, a black market for psychedelics developed near the Harvard University Campus Soon, as Leary turned on the minds of some wealthy individuals, he would find himself with the use of a mansion in Poughkeepsie, New York; and experimentation continued. There's no real way for me to know, concerning the entourage that Dr. Leary was developing at this time; but nowadays the entourage is certainly an impressive group of intellectuals - at least from my perspective in history. People like Tom Wolfe, and Ken Kessy, author of The Electric Cool - Aide Acid Test, and his merry pranksters were soon in the mix at the mansion, which would be the ultimate house party for two years consecutive. If you don't know who G. Gordan Liddy is, then do a quick Google; I read his autobiography while I was in jail one time, and Liddy wouldn't know crazy if Charles Manson was on his front porch eating fruit loops; but G. Gordan Liddy, of the Federal Bureau of Investigations would soon become the local keystone cop, and party foul engine; and you knew that the Federal police would rear their ugly head at some point, didn't you?
Perhaps it would have been a good thing for the Nixon administration had G. Gordan Liddy, surely one of Glen Beck's heroes been shot and killed as he invaded the LSD mansion in the night, but Dr. Leary and his crew, very unlike Mr. Libby, were very peaceful sorts; and later, Paul Krassner had this to say,
"He was a government agent entering our bedroom at midnight. We had every right to shoot him. But I've never owned a weapon in my life. I have never had and never will have a gun around."

Hurdy Gurdy Man

"The Psychedelic Experience"

Based on the Tibetan Book Of The Dead , and co authored with Ralph Metzner, they had this to say about The Psychedelic Experience

"A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness. The scope and content of the experience is limitless, but its characteristic features are the transcendence of verbal concepts, of spacetime dimensions, and of the ego or identity. Such experiences of enlarged consciousness can occur in a variety of ways: sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, religious or aesthetic ecstasies, or spontaneously. Most recently they have become available to anyone through the ingestion of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, DMT, etc. Of course, the drug does not produce the transcendent experience. It merely acts as a chemical key—it opens the mind, frees the nervous system of its ordinary patterns and structures."

Turn on Tune in Drop out.

The League of Self Discovery.

On September 19, 1966, Leary founded the League of Self Discovery, and obviously, LSD served as it's "holy sacrament." Certainly, there was a little word play involved in the title of this organization; and the facts of it were not lost upon the Beatles, who soon, along with Dr. Leary, and because a dentist drugged them assuming that they knew what they were getting into, they'd be creating masterworks for the world, such as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart ClubBandand more specifically, the song Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds .
The Beatles and their new musical direction, reaching never before known of highs of artistic imagery, would further along the transforming culture forming with the many millions of dissatisfied youths. Really though, Dr. Leary's aims were to ensure legality for Hoffman's drug, but this wouldn't do the trick for long. But I thank the skies above for crazy Dentists, Dr. Leary, Dr. Albert Hoffman, and the Beatles. But On October 6, 1966, LSD was made illegal in the United States and controlled so strictly that not only were possession and recreational use criminalized, but all legal scientific research programs on the drug in the US were shut down as well. Dr. Timothy Leary, former Harvard University professor would soon become an outlaw.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

The Death Of The Mind

The Death Of The Mind was an artistic endeavor created by Leary in an attempt to replicate for an audience that which would be entirely impossible to replicate, the experience of taking LSD. Leary and his multi media production began travelling, and trying to replicate the experience for viewers on college campuses across the nation; but when he was invited to The Human Be-In, at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco; he uttered the line that would follow him for the rest of his days for a crowd of 30,000 adoring hippies, 

Exo-Psychology, and Troubles With The Establishment.

Leary's thesis on alternative psychology was started in 1973 with his pamphletNeurologic, but wasn't truly finished until the publication of his Exo - Psychology in 1977. In these works Dr. Leary explores something referred to as the Circuit Model of Consciousness.
Leary believed that the first four of these circuits ("the Larval Circuits" or "Terrestrial Circuits") are naturally accessed by most people in their lifetimes, triggered at natural transition points in life, such as puberty. The second four circuits ("the Stellar Circuits" or "Extra-Terrestrial Circuits"), Leary claimed, were evolutionary off-shoots of the first four that would be triggered at transition points that we will have when we evolve further, and would equip us to encompass life in space, as well as the expansion of consciousness that would be necessary to make further scientific and social progress. Leary suggested that some people may "shift to the latter four gears" (i.e. trigger these circuits artificially) by utilizing consciousness-altering techniques such as meditation and spiritual endeavors such as yoga, or by taking psychedelic drugs specific to each circuit. An example of the information Leary cited as evidence for the purpose of the "higher" four circuits was the feeling of floating and uninhibited motion experienced by users of marijuana.. In the eight circuit model of consciousness, a primary theoretical function of the fifth circuit (the first of the four developed for life in outer space) is to allow humans to become accustomed to life in a zero or low gravity environment.
That makes sense, right?
Concerning Dr. Leary's troubles with legalities, the first major instance occurred in 1965 on a trip to Mexico.  Finding that he and his family didn't have the proper Visa for an extended stay, The Leary family decided to cross back over into Texas; and on the bridge over the Rio Grande, his wife remembered that she had some marijuana; and having no place to dispose of it, or time to properly smoke it, daughter Susan hid it in her panties; but not sufficiently enough.for law enforcement.  Believe this or not, but it's true. Dr. Timothy Leary was convicted of possession of a small amount of marijuana, a plant created by the creator to grow everywhere, and he received a THIRTY YEAR SENTENCE AND A THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE.  Seems Nixon Era "Christians" had so much faith in their God that they doubt his ability to know which plants humans should be able to legally use.  I suppose the almighty should have, logically, had Food and Drug Administration warnings growing on the plants..  Of course Dr. Leary received bail, claimed the marijuana tax act was unconstitutional; and was soon arrested again, this time in LaGuna Beach, California; for two marijuana "roaches."

Tomorrow Never Knows

John Lennon On LSD

But the Law, never rational, Followed Him Wherever He Roamed.

For the second marijuana possession charge concerning two "roaches," which basically describes an amount of less than one marijuana cigarette, Dr. Leary received a sentence of TEN YEARS in jail, and another TEN YEARS added while he was in custody. It Seems that "Christian" America is intolerant of things growing out of the Terra; and furthermore, dislike Bronfman having to worry about competition for his deadly liquors which fund all sorts of rackets and media activities that the same "Christians" would find abhorrent. Rothschild long ago figured out how to fund and manipulate both sides of any conflict for further stranglehold upon citizenry of every nation. Tis why we are in the shape that we are in. While you are busy watching idiotic American football, or "Dancing With The Stars," you are sufficiently distracted by nonsense, and dancing bikini girls selling beer that you have not a clue about the real world around you. But Dr. Leary was aware until the end.
You know you're making waves in life by the sheer weight of the situational irony that comes your way on a day to day basis; but I doubt few great minds ever have an establishment unknowingly use the tools that a target created against said "criminal" target.  As Dr. Leary had designed the very tests used against him for classification, he answered the questions in such a manner that he was classified as "conforming, with a love of forestry and gardens," and it is altogether fitting that an idiotic government saw it's prey escape via the classification tests that the escapee designed himself..  Dr. Timothy Leary escaped from prison, and with the help of some friends, was smuggled out of the United States.

Leary in Algeria

Another Escape, and two more Jails.

But Timothy Leary and family realized that they were more in captivity at the hands of the Black Panthers, and The Weathermen than, perhaps, they were in the American Prison system, and the fled to Switzerland, and were protected there by an international arms dealer, Michael Hauchard, who had claimed that as a gentleman, he'd a responsibility to protect philosophers like Dr. Leary; but the truth of the matter was that he'd a film deal in mind.  Richard Nixon, that forgiving and honest "Christian" leader of America forced the Swiss government to imprison Dr. Leary, as that would be the "Christian" and American way.  The Swiss government complied with honest Dick Nixon for one month, but refused to extradite such a "dangerous" criminal back to such a "loving and peaceful" nation as the United States.  Libertine Leary, separated from his third wife, and semi - married another woman, and took to traveling, and despite their being no extradition treaty with the U.S. and Afghanistan, Dr. Leary was arrested at a Kabul airport.

The Most Dangerous Man In America.

Richard Nixon, the honest "Christian" P.O.T.U.S., had called Dr. Leary "the most dangerous man in America;" and for that reason, wanted such a dangerous man back safely home IN America. Who am I to question the ideas of such a stalwart beacon of truth such as Richard Millhouse Nixon? On a layover in England from Kabul, Leary asked Her Magesty, the Queen for political asylum, but to no avail. Leary was flown back to America, that home of all "freedom," and "bravery;" and was put into Folsom Prison, and solitary confinement, facing a total of 96 years.
Like the time that I, myself, was questioned by the F.B.I., I gave them all the information that they already had; and in this manor also, my hero Dr. Leary co - operated with the legendary men of honor; and received a new nickname; "Charles Thrush."
Dr. Leary continued writing while in prison, and in 1976 was released by then governor Jerry Brown.

The Man Who Turned On America


After being released from prison Dr. Leary made a strange friendship with G. Gordan Liddy, who had got to see the inside of a prison himself, following his arrest in connection with tricky Dick Nixon's Watergate scandal. Leary and Liddy, now both ex cons made the traveling speech circuit in America. Liddy went on to start a conservative, no doubt, talk radio show. Dr. Leary married a film producer, and tried to break into Hollywood.  This is America, you know.



"For it is appointed but once for man to die." Hebrews 9:27, paraphrased by me.
While Timothy Leary continued to use drugs frequently on a private basis, rather than evangelizing and proselytizing the use of psychedelics as he had in the 1960s, the latter day Leary emphasized the importance of space colonization and an ensuring extension of the human lifespan while also providing a detailed explanation of the eight-circuit model of consciousness in books such as Info-Psychology, among several others. He adopted the acronym "SMI²LE" as a succinct summary of his pre-transhumanist agenda: SM (Space Migrating) + (Intelligence increase) + LE (Life Extension). Leary credited L5 co-founder Keith Henson with helping develop his interest in space migration.
By the mid 1980s, Leary had begun to incorporate computers, the Internet, and virtual reality into his aegis of thought. Leary established one of the earliest sites on the World Wide Web, and was often quoted describing the Internet as "the LSD of the 1990's"
Tragedy struck in 1990, as Dr. Leary's daughter, who had endured a huge amount of family trauma while growing up, committed suicide
In early 1995, Leary discovered he was terminally ill with inoperable cancer of the prostate He did not reveal the condition to the press upon diagnosis, but did so after the death of The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia in August.
Leary authored an outline for a book called Design for Dying, which attempted to show people a new perspective of dying and death.. Leary's de facto "family"—his staff of technophilic Generation Xers—updated his website on a daily basis as a sort of proto-weblog, or blog, noting his daily intake of various illicit and legal chemical substances, with a predilection for nitrous oxide, cigarettes, his trademark "Leary Biscuits" (a snack cracker with cheese and a small marijuana bud, briefly microwaved), and eventually heroin and morphine.. His sterile house was completely redecorated by the staff, who had more or less moved in, with an array of surreal ornamentation. In his final months, thousands of visitors, well wishers and old friends visited him in his California home. Until the final weeks of his illness, Leary gave many interviews discussing his new philosophy of embracing death.  On May 31, 1996 Dr. Timothy Leary, great American counterculture and revolutionary thinker and outlaw died at the age of 75.

I Should Have Taken MORE LSD, and I Should Have Made LOVE More.

Legend Of A Mind

Legend Of A Mind

Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.
Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.
He'll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.

Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.
Timothy Leary's dead.
No, no, no, no, He's outside looking in.
He'll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.

Along the coast you'll hear them boast
About a light they say that shines so clear.
So raise your glass, we'll drink a toast
To the little man who sells you thrills along the pier.

He'll take you up, he'll bring you down,
He'll plant your feet back firmly on the ground.
He flies so high, he swoops so low,
He knows exactly which way he's gonna go.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.

He'll take you up, he'll bring you down,
He'll plant your feet back on the ground.
He'll fly so high, he'll swoop so low.
Timothy Leary.

He'll fly his astral plane.
He'll take you trips around the bay.
He'll bring you back the same day.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Timothy Leary.

More lyrics:


Timothy Leary, "the most dangerous man in America," according to an American Liar, Richard Nixon; was an altogether peaceful man with many personal failings, just like the rest of us.  It's altogether typical that in America, people who challenge a corrupt system, like Leary did then, and Julian Assange does now; are persecuted and considered "dangerous criminals."  I can't really in good conscious recommend LSD for everyone, but I know that my life and my mind, and my memories will forever be blessed for having taken it.  I'm wiser for it, and America is too.

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