Friday, October 26, 2012

Mandatory Arabic Classes - Order Out Of Chaos.


The war against the United States of America as a sovereign nation is largely based upon the desecration of the inalienable rights that are NOT granted to us by Governments, but by the creator; and this is implicitly described best in both the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights; but not all wars are military endeavors, in America we have an Ashkenazi "Jewish" assault on our freedoms that is mostly carried out by desecrating the moral fabric of the nation, and distracting the public from the most relevant issues at hand within any given subject. Zionism is NOT simply pro Israeli ideas or support, but rather, Zionism is racism cloaked in globalist and world governance agendas.
In Mansfield Texas, the globalist agenda is being seen very clearly by the parents of students attending the Mansfield Independent School District, as district officials have moved to make Arabic a mandatory subject for students. Now, I have to admit that it's entirely beneficial to anyone to learn a new foreign language, and to learn about other cultures, also greatly beneficial, is always the end result of that; but Sharia law, the expressed goal of forced laws of oppression, are the incompatible goals expressed by the founder of Islam. Islamic Sharia law is completely at odds with the values and desires of the greatest majority of the citizens of every Western nation. It's completely incompatible with the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the United States Bill of Rights.
So why would Zionist want to introduce Arabic in Texas, the state that is the corridor to Mexico, and South America?  Destabilization is the goal here, divide and conquer, they've a new world order in mind, led by their prophesied Messiah; the irony is that their Messiah has already come once, and they couldn't recognize him, for they'd a conquering leader in mind, one who would lead Israel to the fore of the world; not the suffering servant that came, and went, and will return again.  The thing was, the Judaic leaders weren't able to comprehend that their King would come more than once, but when was man ever able to understand the mind of God?


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