Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tac Force Firefighter, and a Knife Fetish.

So I bought another knife the other day.  Nothing special about THAT, I assure you.  I purchase knives and then give them to people I like....because I'm just really friggin' weird like that, and I do not intend to change.

I can hardly control my knife fetish.  I have zero use for this knife, but to my defense, I thought of a possible use, and I felt I ought to purchase something from the gas station attendant friend of mine who was cashing my paycheck.

Folks don't have to cash your paycheck for you, you know, and if they ARE willing to do so, then lots of times if you are also purchasing something, they won't just charge you a fee for having cashed your check.

So anyway, another knife.  Yeah, looks vicious don't it?  Well, I've never stabbed anyone, and I never intend to stab anyone with anything either.  If I were to commit such a violent act, then this knife wouldn't be much good for can see the 'bear claw" shaped blade.

Yeah, this is a slasher, and I might put it into my electrician's tool pouch to use to trim the outer sheathing off of "Romex" wire.  Currently I use a standard "razor knife" or "box cutter" for that purpose...and it is something I am doing throughout the course of working days now.

I'll just have to use this pup and see how it works out.  Razor blades are meant to be tossed in garbage, and replaced on a razor knife, obviously, this blade can be used and re used, but no idea how well it'll keep its edge, or if re sharpening it will prove to be more of a waste of time than not.

Anyway, this is a ten dollar pocket knife....and for beer or being my friend, I might give it to ya!

I've spotted this thing on can find it there with the right keywords from the title here.

My experience is that whatever metal these inexpensive blades are fashioned damned cheap metal. Do not use a knife like this to "prize something loose," if you do, the blade might just snap...and I've had that happen to me with thirty dollar Gerber knives.

I've a knife fetish, remember?

Well, my knife isn't one of the nicer spring assisted ones....but I do want one of those for sure.

Thing is, I have other fetishes....I'm not trying to be all macho masculinity or anything.  I'll ship you a personalized and autographed masculinity trophy in the mail for a's not worth much - I just kinda like gear and weapons.

I've got tons of knives....I'm working now on my tactical flashlight assembly...I own NONE, and I want to own several.  Guess that is a story for another day.


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