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The Killer Whale, or Orca

The killer whale (Orcinus orca)

The Killer Whale, or orca, is a sea mammal of the dolphin family that is present in every ocean of the Earth. From the Antarctic to the tropical seas, this apex predator is there always. The orcas of this world do have preferences, and it's plain and simple, they prefer to swim near us, and to be near shores at high latitudes, and pelagic environments, not so much.

What is a pelagic environment? Simple - it's the middle of the ocean where there is nothing but water for hundreds or a thousand miles. Orcas prefer to be closer to land.
Make no mistake about it, the killer whale is an apex predator wherever it swims. This creature has absolutely nothing to fear from anything, except, as always, human beings.

The Killer Whale, or Orca.

Killer Whale or Orca Pack

What Do Killer Whales Eat?

Orcas or killer whales eat a wide range of foods in the general sense. The thing to know here is that there are several types of killer whale, and some of those types have highly specialized diets. Some killer whales only eat fish, others eat marine mammals exclusively. Whatever it is that a killer whale eats, it generally consumes five hundred pounds of food per day!

Often referred to as the wolves of the sea, the killer whales are sometimes pack hunters, and other times they do not need their fellow's cooperation to eat. You must understand here that a killer whale never needs any help to kill and eat anything, but when dealing with large schools of oceanic fish combined with a need for five hundred pounds of consumption per day, its still very beneficial in some instances to work with your brothers and sisters towards this endeavour. Two fins are better than one, or something like that.
No matter how you slice it, the killer whale is an apex predator. Nothing eats a killer whale in the ocean,my friends, quite the other way around. In fact, some fairly large species of shark are favourite foods for the killer whale, as are actual whales (the killer whale is a member of the dolphin family, NOT the whale family.). One fact you may not be aware of is that the dreaded Great White Sharks you have heard so much about over the years, well, the killer whale eats those things too.

It is important to remember that the killer whale is not a whale, the killer whale is actually a large dolphin, and for this reason you can see why it is that killer whales do NOT eat dolphins, but do sometimes eat whales. The big blue whales are sometimes attacked by the killer whales for food, fish, squid, seals, sea lions, walruses, birds, sea turtles. otters, penguins, polar bears, reptiles, sharks, octopus, and smaller whales are all killer whale dietary fare. There are no known instances of killer whales eating humans.

Killer Whale Vs. Great White Shark. Killer Whale One, Shark...well, it's gone.

Polychlorinated biphenyl - Wildlife Killer Brought To You Courtesy Of Monsanto.- This Stuff Has Helped Kill Killer Whales.

Are Killer Whales An Endangered Species?

Killer whales should be considered endangered species, but in actual fact the data is simply incomplete. Not having complete data means that not enough killer whale populations have been studied, and the reasons for this should be very obvious - because killer whales are increasingly hard to find. My thoughts are that they should definitely be considered endangered animals, and respected as such straight away.
Why Are Killer Whales Endangered? 

Listen, let's be friends, okay? In order for you and I to be friends in earnest - you'll have to not play dumb with me, and If you don't play dumb, then you can be sure that I won't play clever, and we'll always have productive straight up conversations. Killer whales are endangered entirely due to human stupidity. Primarily high on the list of human stupidity contributing to decline in killer whale populations available for data is the fact that killer whale foods are becoming harder and harder for killer whales to find to eat. In the USA we have plenty of freshwater fish, and I suggest that we all get together as a people and decided to do our part, for once, to make things better - instead of killing or eating everything for either food, profit, or both. We've plenty of freshwater fish to eat - we are over fishing the oceans left and right as if they were infinite, and they are not.

Besides the food loss from over fishing the oceans, and the habitat loss due to coastal area pollution, there are chemicals, namely PCBs, courtesy of crime cartel mass murderer corporations like Monsanto that are killing off the killer whales.

Pseudorca crassidens - The False Killer Whale

Types Of Killer Whale

There are three to five types of Orca, and of those - four types of Killer whale are more distinct than the confusion of it all. Whether or not these different types of killer whale are distinct enough to be considered sub species or not, is just another of the many many debates within oceanic biological science.

Resident Killer Whales: Mostly live in the North Pacific Ocean, and eat mostly fish and squid - these are the killer whales that are seen and presented everywhere, and are perhaps the most studied of all marine mammals.

Transient Killer Whales: Do you recall that killer whales were sometimes called the wolves of the sea? Well, you've also heard then of lone wolves? The transient orcas are thought to be individuals that have been exiled from the complex killer whale groups and families. These whales do not eat fish - they eat only marine mammals, live in smaller packs, and seem to be less intelligent than other types of killer whale, and this is seen and observed via their less wide a range of vocal communication. Think of these as the....dimwitted serial killers - or global oligarchs of the oceans.

Offshore Killer Whales: These killer whales travel furthest from shore - perhaps these are the most highly developed of the orcas, the most evolved, the most intelligent. They eat fish almost exclusively. It seems certain that with killer whales - there is a direct correlation between the proclivities for eating closer relatives and diminished intelligence - sort of like the hard core capitalist/ultra conservatives - are naturally less intelligent and more inclined towards a lack of empathy within human populations.

Just as raping the produce of the poorest of persons continually makes the economic cannibals rich - so too does eating marine mammals make the transient orcas the larger, and the eating of fish the more intelligent offshore killer whales the smaller - the same sort of thing is seen with grizzly bears - but the correlation between eating mammals and grizzly bear intelligence isn't known to be fact.

Further distinctions between killer whales are as follows:

Type A: Look like typical killer whales - mostly feed on minke whales
Type B: Smaller than type a, has more grey or gray colouration in the body instead of black, and features a large white "eye patch." Type B killer whales eat mostly seals.
Type C: Smaller than either types A or B - and with the colouration of type B - a more evolved whale that eats primarily Antarctic Cod, and has a slanted white eye patch.
Type D: has been observed in photographs - has a larger head like a pilot whale does, and is largely a mystery to the world.

Hot Chick and Killer Whale.

An All White Killer Whale

Killer Whale Skeleton - Looks Like A Dinosaur, Eh?

The Pilot Whale - Similar To Killer Whales Via A Few Traits.

Old Tom - The Killer Whale, and "Friends."

Old Tom - The Killer Whale Today - What An "Honour."

Killer Whale - Description and Particulars

The largest members of the dolphin family, male killer whales are typically around twenty to twenty six feet in length and weigh between 5.9 long tons; 6.6 short tons - or in a civilized language of an uncivilized people,around about 2,200 pounds. The sexual dimorphism that exists renders the females a bit smaller at between sixteen to twenty three feet in length, and weighing in at between your own conversions, the exercise tires me. The figures you just read are averages, of course - and the largest recorded male killer whale was 32 feet long, and the longest female - 28 feet. Baby killer whales are born weighing around 400 pounds - and they are born in the typically different colour of "orange-ish."

As one of the largest marine mammals - a killer whale can truly move through the water at a great rate of speed, and at around 30 knots, is a faster swimmer than a lot of large oceanic ships.

The large pectoral fin that is so distinctive of these creatures is the means of identification for individuals - identifiable by a large variety of features - sort of like the human palm or finger prints are. The male pectoral fin can be twice as long as the female's is. I stand five foot nine inches from the ground upwards, and that is about the height of some larger male orca's pectoral fin!

Killer whale sexuality is strangely similar to human sexuality - the females reach sexual maturity at around fifteen years of age, but no male killer whales are imprisoned or ruined for life for breeding with them. Also like human females - female orcas can and sometimes will continue breeding until they are around 40 years of age.

Infant mortality is rather high among killer whales, and this is likely due to human damage to the killer whale ecosystems - I'd tell you about how high the rate is, but it is largely proven that humans do not care at all about anything but themselves. Killer whale and pilot whale females are like human females - the go through menopause, and then live a very long time being someone's grandmother, great grandmother. They do not, however knit or drive hot rods. How long a killer whale may live is not actually known, but one specific old whale named Old Tom - may have lived as long as 90 years.

Captive killer whales live considerably shorter lives than do killer whales that live in the ocean, and the captive killer whales are rather fond of letting us all know how miserable they are by freaking out righteously, and killing human beings. Can you blame them? What sort of moronic individual would think that a killer whale SHOULD be happy living in some fucking glorified aquarium for the likes of some worthless individual such as Michael Jackson to use in music videos? Oh - American citizens...that's who!

There are an estimated minimum of fifty thousand beautiful and intelligent killer whales living - the sad facts are that in an idiotic capitalist consumer society, the numbers will continue to dive, and with the United States Military as the world's single largest producer of pollution the lives of killer whales will likely decline in quality and numbers - but nobody will care.

Vastly intelligent with huge brains - only the most pathetic of egos with the lowest of intelligence would disregard killer whales and the value they have to our planet Earth, sadly - that is the description of the most of us here in consumer hell, idiotic and television celebrity dumbed down culture amoral America - what killer whales have to teach us could be more than we do know ourselves.

"The complex and stable vocal and behavioural cultures of sympatric groups of killer whales (Orcinus orca) appear to have no parallel outside humans and represent an independent evolution of cultural faculties." - some random marine biologist that probably supports wars against Arabs for Israel.

In defence of idiots everywhere - some killer whales have, literally, helped humans hunt other whales. Let us all be better than that, if possible. We've lived long on this globe, and the killer whales have bigger brains than we do - it is time for the new age, and high time humanity superseded its grotesque ego, and learned that we all have a part to play, and are all important, and that the sooner we realize that we are all on this world together, and that our egos will get us and many another thing killed for the detriment of all, the better.


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