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Luckenbach, Texas

Luckenbach Texas

If you are a fan of real country music at all, and by REAL I mean - country music that has an actual singer/songwriter, and not some pinup boy or girl model posing with a guitar and a hat - then you have DEFINITELY at some point or another heard the song titled Luckenbach Texas.
If you have any clue at all as to the origin of words and surnames, then you can DEFINITELY see and recognize that a name such as Luckenbach is German in it's origin. Besides the huge Czech culture and the huge Mexican American culture that we have in Texas, we also have a huge German culture, and that is especially found in Central Texas' Hill Country.
Because of the famous Country and Western song about Luckenbach, Texas, the Outlaw Country Movement, and everyone's perpetual desire to feel no pain; Luckenbach, Texas is probably the most nationally well known of the German settlements in the Lone Star State.

The Original Luckenbach Post Office and Store.

Luckenbach, Texas

I can definitely agree to the sentiment that two things that help make life worth the living are guitars tuned good, and firm feeling women; and surely there are both of those things to enjoy in the Hill Country German settlement of Luckenbach; but there are also many other things to know and appreciate about that Central Texas town.
Because of the efforts of persons like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson, Luckenbach has become a center of Texas Country Music. Texas most definitely has it's own music, and the country music of Texas is far more PURE than is the pop star dominated pseudo country music coming out of Nashville, Tennessee - that stuff is just pop music, for the most part, and this is easily seen by the large numbers of persons that represent that style and genre who are only mass media model drones spouting materialistic mainstream meme nonsense. They've basically decided up in Nashville to sell assimilation courtesy of the Borg.
. . . .but not so in Luckenbach, Luckenbach is still a center of TEXAS MUSIC, and Texas music is mostly pure, not mainstream mass media modeling gig crap, and someone will always be either a pilgrim or an emissary of non conformist true music of Texas and with integrity if they make the stage in Luckenbach, Texas.
My friends, we live in a nation that is centered in greed and materialism, consumerism and products that are forgotten two days after they are purchased, or even worse - produced with capitalist planned obsolescence from the beginning.
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics in life?

Luckenbach, Texas; by Waylon Jennings.

Luckenbach, Texas History

Luckenbach, Texas is in Gillespie County practically in the very center of Texas in what is known as the Texas Hill Country, which is literally full of the descendants of German Immigrants, and towns that have distinctly German names to them. The early German settlers of Luckenbach should be commended - as they were one of the precious few groups of persons to have never broken a treaty with the Comanche Indians with whom they traded goods with.
Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the history of Luckenbach, Texas - is that the citizens there claim that one of their own, by the name of Jacob Brodbeck, launched an airplane in Luckenbach years before the Wright Brothers ever managed to fly.
In 1973 Luckenbach started it's historic association with Country Music when Jerry Jeff Walker recorded a live album in the Luckenbach Dance Hall with his band the Lost Gonzo Band. From there it's went on and on, and Luckenbach is still closely associated with Country Music to this day.
On August 23, 2009 a Guinness World Record was broken in Luckenbach - as the world's record for assembled guitarist playing continuously for five minutes or more was broken - as 1868 pickers and grinners played - and probably many a glass of Shiner Bock Beer was consumed as well.
Welcome To Luckenbach, Texas all, where there ain't nobody feeling no pain.

The Old Cotton Gin Of Luckenbach, Texas.

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  1. I certainly know the song Luckenbach Texas and love it. Was interesting to learn about the actual place though after hearing the song many, many times.