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Policing The Police - Apps for your Smart Phone. Stand Up For Your Rights.

Policing The Police - Apps for your Smart Phone. Stand Up For Your Rights.

We Must All Police The Police

In this modern post September the Eleventh America of fear mongers, imperialist profiteering, and all out warfare against civil rights, civil liberties, and privacy, all Americans must guard against the abuses of power by government and government institutions that seem to be exploding all around us at every instant. Not a day goes by, it seems, without us all hearing of yet another ridiculous law, another ridiculous anti Constitutional abuse of United States Citizen's rights that were granted to us not by the United States Constitution, but by God himself.
More and more often, we see abuses of the rights of citizens at the hands of police officers, and police organizations. Police departments nowadays are decked out more like infantry than police - and who's to say when they'll bust into your grandmother's home at two a.m. and murder her as she sleeps in her chair? All it takes is your grandmother lifting a remote control or a fly swatter, and S.W.A.T. blows so many holes in her that she's unrecognisable.
"Oops! So Sorry! Wrong Address!"
The disgusting scenario above - the murder of innocents in un Constitutional "no knock" raids is very real, and has played itself out in various bloody forms throughout this nation time and time again.
Please do not mistake me here, I've personally met so many fine human beings of upstanding morals and many virtues that were police officers that I can't count them all, or remember them all. I'd suspect that virtue is what leads most Law Enforcers into that profession - but the trends towards oppression, and abuse are not to be found so much on the level of the individual, but on the National level where powers and principalities reign.
We've all heard the aphoristic saying, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely,"and we all recognize it as the truth that it is. The plain and simple facts of the matter are that when a citizen is in a one on one situation with a police officer, more often than not - that police officer is in a position of absolute power. In a world gone insane with mass media sensationalized lies, materialism, lasciviousness, and greed - coupled with a fear monger government bent on destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights - we citizens must protect not only ourselves, but our fellow citizens as well.

Protect You, and Your Neighbour From Corrupt Cops

Police Abuses - Learn About Rodney King on

The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption
The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption
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Always FILM or VIDEO Police Activities.

I think we all remember, and most of us are not so racist that we can agree that the Los Angeles Police Department had some police officers that beat a man named Rodney King nearly to death - and then got away with it, and that that incident was not only sick, vile, disgusting, and altogether un called for, but an abuse of power by law enforcement figures the likes of which we'd all prefer to think never happened, and do not exist. It did happen, however, and chances are that it's happening right now somewhere, and such abusive officers of the law DO exist. We should all be ever so thankful to God above that someone saw that incident, and cared enough about America, the Rights of American Citizens, and Rodney King to film that incident!!
It's pretty tough to barely possible for me to believe that this is true - but then again, I already stated that we now live in George Orwell's police state Animal Farm America - it's actually illegal to film police activities in places like Massachusetts and Illinois. I'm positive that morality and law are not synonymous, and that you can only follow that law if you are a fool with no regards for human life, liberty, justice, or morality. In any case, it's not an issue, as the police recording, liberty loving phone apps I'm promoting here safely protect you from police in more ways than you realize.
Please don't spout off any St. Paul and Romans to me - were Christianity legal in Judea in the time directly following the death of Christ, then the Christians wouldn't have had to use that sign of the fish on their doors to signify a meeting, and St. Stephen wouldn't have been stoned to death. I've thought this out more than once, thanks.

Openwatch - Protects Citizens From Police Abuses. and Coprecorder

CopRecorder can record audio without indicating that it's doing so like the Voice Memos app does. It comes with a built-in uploader to OpenWatch, so that Rich Jones, the creator and administrator, can do "analysis" of the recording and scrub any personally identifying data before posting the audio to the web site. He has stated that he receives between 50 and 100 submissions per day, with a really interesting encounter with an authority figure coming in about every day and a half. Mr. Jones created Coprecorder for a few friends of his who'd had issues with officers abusing their power, but the app has already been downloaded by over 50,000 concerned and patriotic citizens nation wide, a trend I personally hope continues until it's a default app that comes on ever smart phone sold in the United States. Yeah, I'm a dreamer, man, but I'm not the only one.

Bad Cops Don't Belong On Police Forces - And They Tarnish The Reputations of the GOOD Cops.

Injustice Everywhere.

Now, it could be that you are not like me, and that you can sit around and read about this stuff and then think about police corruption, no knock raids, and injustice without it affecting you - but I can NOT do that. If I were to sit around and write about, study, and research police abuses of power and corruption all day, I'd be violently angry all of the time, drink too much, and otherwise act foolish. It doesn't take me much before I'm soon acting in a very unhealthy manner, so I'm going to cut this sort of short, and just tell you about the single best site on the web that I know of with which you can cooperate with and coordinate with, assuming you've downloaded Coprecorder onto your smartphone - and that site is
I think what is truly important to realize here is that the bad police out there get remembered far more frequently than do the good ones, and that by allowing bad police to continue on in law enforcement we only allow the good police officers to have to endure our derision. It's very important that we citizens do our part to eliminate the careers of abusive police so that the good ones can get and enjoy the respect that they deserve for doing a dangerous job. That "blue wall of silence" thing is basically a blue wall of shame - especially when you consider that the same institutions encourage citizens to "snitch" out other citizens. Contradiction anyone? Hypocrisy? Yes, I think that that is what the blue wall of shame is.

Abusive Police, and Abuse of Civil Rights By Corrupt Cops.

The Bottom Line -Open Watch and Cop Recorder

Finally, I'd like to give a special shout out to all the corrupt cops out there who love to use the line,
"If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."
Ditto, my boy's in blue - if you aren't doing anything wrong, then you don't have anything to worry about! How's that feel?


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