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Yellow Number Five And Yellow Number Six.

Yellow Number Five And Yellow Number Six.

FD&C Yellow No.5 Tartrazine, E102

Yellow Number Five.

Years ago I was an innocent enough young man who had no reason to worry about the corporations involved in my life, and no reason to doubt they were regulated towards the benefit of us all. I was always a curious fella though, and as I was more fond of reading than most of the other people I knew, I'd read things like ingredients on the backs of my snack bars, and sodas.
I realized at least twenty years ago that something called Yellow Number Five was in all sorts of things. Yellow No. 5 was in drinks, it was in easy to make meals, it was in practically everything a college boy in a dorm room consumes. Today is no different for most, Yellow No.5 is STILL in tons and tons of things; but should it be? Oh sure, people have the right, in my way of thinking, to own things other folks don't think they should own, and to consume things some other folks still think no human should consume - my issue is only information. Do people have a clue, really, what this stuff is?
It has been noted that some people may experience side effects from this additive. It may cause palpitations, weakness, hives, itching and in children, irritability, restlessness and sleep disturbances. People with an allergy to aspirin can be allergic to this dye. This is derived from petroleum distillates.

The Man Who Sold Us ALL Out - Barry Obama.

The FDA Should NEVER Be Trusted.

The way people mature and continue to learn in life is always an impressive thing. I grew up eating my mother's cooking, and even when I didn't live at home I'd load up as much of her frozen stuff she'd made for me, or left overs, and take them with me to wherever it was I lived. What I'm saying is I'd never once thought food was something to be questioned. I thought cancer and weird diseases were things that happened to people who just didn't take care of themselves.
Well, that is sometimes true, but what I've learned is that being ignorant about what you are bringing into your body is the SAME THING as not taking care of yourself.
Even as a young adult I had no real reason to question how wonderful and caring the US federal government was. Surely I lived in the land of the free, home of the brave, and all that crap. We have a Food and Drug Administration - people who's careers are dedicated to seeing to it our food and medicines are safe! That's how a child's mind works, but the truth is closer to being we have a Food and Drug Administration that doesn't give a damn about anyone, or even wants us diseased - for money...big food shaking the hand of big pharma..screwing everyone trusting over two directions.
I'm being unfair, of course, the people at the FDA certainly DO care about some people - they care about the people who've paid for this and for that, and for the stockholders of the corporations that pay for this and for that - it's the rest of the world they don't care much about.
I'm sure it wasn't always this way. The past is long gone. The present is what we have. The present is all we ever really have, and at present we have the single least capable human being on the entire planet Earth to run the FDA, running the FDA. Only an absolute ignoramus would consider Obama's choice FDA headMichael Taylor, a former lawyer for Monsanto, as having even a remote interest in food or drug safety.

Disodium 6-hydroxy-5-[(4-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenesulfonate - Yellow No.6

Vani Hari and Lisa Leake - Mothers Determined To Make A Difference.

Citizen's Action - Yellow Number 5 And Yellow Number Six.

It's beyond clear the US government cares nothing about informing anyone of anything. It is entirely up to us, we the people, to care for ourselves and each other. Information was always power, and the FDA simply refuses to give you the proper information on anything they oversee, and so we must take it upon ourselves, one by one.
Now I don't know about you, but when I was a child, I ate TONS of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. It is an iconic food of childhood for many of us, and you know what? I still think of it as a nice dish to enjoy. There is a problem with the famous Kraft Mac and Cheese though, it has two food dyes in it that can cause some serious health problems; dyes that not surprisingly, aren't even used in the SAME product when sold overseas.
Now if you live in the United Kingdom or any other place where you possibly have a government that actually DOES care about the safety of the foods and drugs its citizens are exposed to - you may go ahead and enjoy your Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, as you do not have a sell out like Obama running things, and a monster like Michael Taylor to seek profits for Monsanto heading whatever administration sees to food and drug safety there.
Here in the USA, however, we are not so lucky. Our Kraft Macaroni and Cheese contains two food dyes derived from petroleum distillates - the same things used to make gasoline, asphalt, tar, and doesn't that sound healthy, and flavorful?
Yellow Number Five and Yellow Number Six are both KNOWN CARCINOGENSThese two sinister food coloring's provide NOTHING in value to any food or drink, they ONLY serve to provide coloring; while also being carcinogenic, and thought to cause skin outbreaks, hyperactivity, and learning disorders.

Vani Hari and Lisa Leake - Determined To Protect Our Food

Yellow Number Five And Products Which Contain It.

The Free Market, Labeling Foods, and the FDA.

If you watch the video above, and I certainly hope you will - one of the hosts makes a very interesting comment. He asks, "shouldn't we just let the free market work this out?"
Yes, I think that is a fine idea. The problem is democracy doesn't work when people are as uninformed as they are in the USA due to corporate crony "journalism," and also when the FDA is sold out to corporations like Monsanto.
The consumers can not make informed decisions about products when government regulatory agencies are controlled by members with ties to organizations that benefit from ignorance. Everyone knows proposition 37 failed due to corporations spending huge amounts of money to have it defeated.
It's pretty common sense to see if we can't even get GMOs labeled in our foods, expecting the FDA to have labels about the dangers of food dyes such as Yellow Number Five and Yellow Number Six is a bit too much to hope for. For these reasons - this hope of educated consumers and free markets defeating giants such as Kraft Foods is just not likely.
If nothing else, we can hope to spread information among ourselves so those who do not want unnecessary health problems due to unnecessary food dyes can avoid them.

Some Food Products Which Contain Yellow Number Six.

Annie's Mac And Cheese - NO Food Dyes!

So What Other Products Have Yellow Number Five and Yellow Number Six In Them?

There are huge numbers of food products and beverages with these dangerous food dyes. What is particularly bothersome to me is how they are added into canned drinks. Who even cares about the color of a drink in a can? You'll have to forgive me for being captain obvious here, but basically, if you're purchasing something yellow in color, it might possibly contain either yellow No. 5 or yellow No.6.
If what you are purchasing is processed junk food or soda, you would basically be foolish to think you haven't purchased a thing with one of those two dyes within it. This is why the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dish containing those dyes is so troubling. The dish doesn't need either, and wouldn't normally be thought to be what folks would consider junk food. As previously stated, in nations with a less corrupt government overseeing their food supplies - the same dish from Kraft does NOT contain the two dyes.
One has to wonder exactly why it is Kraft would have two processes for creating the mac and cheese dish, seems it would be more efficient to just dump the two dyes from their process altogether, and use the one recipe for international sales.
The following is a short list of products which contain Yellow No.5:

1. Chew-able vitamins for children.
2. Flavored milks such as vanilla and banana flavors.
3. Yogurts, especially "Yoplait Trix."
4. Velveeta cheese
5. Most brands of pickles
6. Doritos and Cheetos "chips."
7.Literally every single last candy with yellow coloring on the planet.
8. Fruit roll up style snacks.
9 .Mountain Dew, and other citrus flavored drinks like it.
10. Boxed breakfast cereals, especially the ones marketed towards children.
I'll take another moment here to lead the viewer or reader back up to the video up above, as the boxed cereals, candies, and snack chips are all especially marketed towards children - so are the mac and cheese dishes containing these dyes. I find this rather distressing as both yellow food coloring dyes discussed here are linked to hyperactivity or ADHD, and it surely seems to me the FDA is purposefully selling foods in the USA in order so that big food can shake the hand of Big Pharma, misusing America's children in two directions.
Now back to Mac & Cheese and the free market. It's time we evolve as a people. We should by now all realize our governments are not trustworthy, and none in the Western World is less trustworthy than that here in the USA under Barry Obama. There is no reason to purchase Kraft foods at all, ever, or for any reason - to do so is a choice you certainly have, and I support that for sure.
But at some point in time personal responsibility must come into play, and if you knowingly disease yourself and your children - you intentionally risk becoming a drain on the social safety nets, and the entire society. If you must eat mac and cheese, or your children just demand it, you could do much better to purchaseAnnie's Mac & Cheese, as it is entirely organic and contains no food dyes.
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