Sunday, March 13, 2016

DuPont, Slavery In Argentina,and GMOs

DuPont, From Gunpowder To Slavery.

DuPont was founded in 1802 as a gunpowder mill. Today, DuPont is the world's single largest chemical corporation. What an American success story, right?
I've always been familiar with DuPont, and surely I'd heard of them years and years before ever becoming someone that used their products, and indeed, sold their products to customers. You see, as an hvac service technician, I see many a jug of refrigerant that says DuPont on it, and when needed, I install and sell that product to residential customers.
The word Freon, universally known as the stuff that goes in air conditioners, was originally just DuPont's name for the chemical compound that made up R 12.

DuPont - From Gunpowder To GMO Slavery In Argentina


DuPont, They Make Some Good Stuff, But....

I didn't know it at the time, but when I worked for the Dallas Independent School District I'd become very familiar with another DuPont product, the Tyvek suit. We were told not to ever be seen wearing them - they alarmed the teachers, students, and parents. Keep the Tyvek underground, beneath the schools - where most of the asbestos is found - and just be thankful that we gave you some sort of protection...that's the way.
The point here is that refrigerant for air conditioning and heating is good stuff, we need it, and thank you, DuPont, for making it for us. Tyvek is good stuff too. In fact, DuPont makes so much good stuff, great products that we all either use personally, or use without ever even knowing about it that one wonders just why, and what the motivation would be for a corporation as reliable, long lived, and reputed as DuPont to ..delve into something as hideous as genetically modified foods, and then to use virtual human slaves to produce absolute poisons?
I can't claim to know the answer here, but DuPont is now competing with Monsanto, the world's single most evil corporation, and in the exceedingly twisted realm of genetically modified "food." No, it's not food that you would every knowingly eat - not given the chance to eat something natural, or organic - but in this world of vile American corporations rivaling only the German Nazis of the 1930s and 40's in spreading destruction and death to the poor of the world - into the fray steps DuPont.

Propaganda For Dumb Americans

GMO Propaganda, By DuPont.

The video above is very important as it allows the viewer to see the happy face, the business face, and the technology smile of DuPont's American GMO propaganda. It's perfect, really, as that is always how propaganda is - you don't see any sort of hints about how GMO products are never safe to consume, cause cancer and reproductive problems - or that such problems are exactly the reason why these products are being produced to begin with. You also don't see the men living in metal containers in South America, the men being offered maggoty meat to eat, and who were provided with no running water or sanitation facilities by one of the world's wealthiest chemical Corporations.

Slave Labor In Argentina

The Reality of DuPont, Slave Labor Conditions, and The Pioneer GMO Fields in Argentina.

Now above we have the reality of DuPont, and it's GMO fields in Argentina, and the living conditions given to those poorest of the poor in a poor nation that were hired to work in such conditions.
Boycott DuPont. Never eat GMO poison.
DuPont, corporae fascist, slave masters, and poison mongers.

Frankenfood - DuPont, and Monsanto.


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