Sunday, March 13, 2016

Windsor Garden Pure Premium Teas

Windsor Garden Pure Premium Teas

Windsor Garden Pure Premium Teas

The ancient Orient initiated the time honored tradition of offering a bowl of tea to a guest as a welcome. While today it may be more conventional to offer a cup or a glass, the tradition remains largely unchanged. This tradition was reportedly begun by a disciple of Lao Tse who offered the "old philosopher" a cup of golden elixir. Now you may, or may not have too many old philosophers as house guests, but nevertheless, most of us enjoy a spot o' tea here and there. Regardless, by the year 500 B.C. tea had become the tradition that it remains today in the civilized world, and many other countries like the United States of America; a mark of friendship and hospitality.
Windsor Garden teas are coveted by tea lovers everywhere for their taste and aroma; and it's said that this is as a result of using the finest ingredients. Personally, I've always drank teas by the gallon. Nowadays I drink a lot of green and white teas along with the standard black tea. The Windsor brand teas are the best that I can regularly get here at home in North East Texas. My particular favorites by Windsor are
1. English Breakfast tea, which is a blend of Chinese and Indian black teas
2. Jasmine Green Tea, which is Chinese green tea and jasmine flavor
3. Minty Mint Green Tea, Chinese green tea and mint flavor
4. Pomegranate Tea, a blend of Chinese and Indian black teas and pomegranate flavor
5. Orange spice Tea, Chinese and Indian black teas and orange spice flavor
and last, but these are in no particular order concerning preference,
6. Oriental treasure Tea, which is Chinese green tea.
None of my boxes of these teas mention anything about being decaffeinated; so I assume that the do, in fact, contain caffeine.. I prefer caffeinated teas, but should you not prefer caffeine in your tea, then perhaps these same teas can be found without it. I do not know personally, as I do not look for those. I prefer to drink teas as I produce hubs, or read. I also thoroughly enjoy them in the mornings when waking. I find that if I do not need to wake up fast for some reason, then hot teas are preferable to me over coffee in the mornings. I also find that I can enjoy these teas later in the evening without worrying about them keeping me up from high caffeine.


Jasmine Green Tea

After spending much time drinking these Windsor Garden Teas, I have to tell you that my favourite is the Jasmine Green Tea; and the fact that I'm out of the stuff has made this rather poignant. It's the most pleasant and flavourful green tea that I've ever had.



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