Monday, March 14, 2016

Crazy Horse, some brief thoughts concerning Native Americans.

Crazy Horse was one of the most powerful and mystical of all the Native American leaders during the time that the European savages made war on the Native Americans in earnest. Crazy Horse was so in touch with the spiritual realm that even the Native Americans mystics thought he was odd. He couldn't be killed in battle, and he wasn't - he was murdered by a coward during peace negotiations that surely the European savages would have broke their word on yet again.

I'm Your Native Son.

So far as I can tell, most of us "white boys," or most of us "white people" here in the U.S. claim to have one of the following two combinations of ancestry. We most often either say that we're "German blood, with some Native American. . . ", or, "I'm Scotch Irish, with some Native American." Hey, I can't claim to speak for the African Americans, or the Blacks, if you will-and certainly, no one will doubt that Mexican Americans have absorbed a huge deal of their culture from Native American tribes.

Crazy Horse Couldn't Be Killed In Battle, So A Coward Murdered Him During Peace Talks.


Crazy Horse, Murdered; and some thoughts about Native American Spirituality.

The Native American's were more in touch with the natural world than their European overlords who raped and killed them off by and large. If you were to ask a ten year old child today where bread came from, he or she would likely say, "from the store." What would a ten year old Native American living before we destroyed their noble culture have said? It would be even more tragic, perhaps, if you asked a modern Anglo, Black, or Hispanic child where water came from even; your answer might also be, "from the store."

Native Americans, like the Sioux, also believed in a spirit world-and I mean that the belief was universal, not only among the Sioux, but among the entire Native American populations. I only wish that Richard Dawkins had lived in the 19th century, and had stumbled all over himself while interviewing some of our land's previous dominant culture's wise men.

Crazy Horse , it is said, was protected in battle, and could not be killed in battle because he was able to "cross over" into the spirit realm by merely thinking of it. Crazy Horse was an eccentric even within his own community, and often went days without eating, or sleeping in the village. He'd spent most of his time alone: fasting, listening to the wind, feeling the Earth, seeking further vision from the spirit world. His belief, their belief, that this world, and all within it are merely shadows of another world beyond-is in my opinion much closer to the truth. After all, the U.S. Army couldn't kill Crazy Horse in battle. A U.S. Army coward killed him, rather, with a bayonet whilst he was in a reservation for talks.

What I'm asking of you here is, if you will, is that if you think that Europeans, with all of our science and "civilization" simply had a better culture than the Native American; then why is it that we have such problems as we have today?

Remember-even a small child, dumb ones at that, among the Natives here knew that breaddoes not come from the store, and that water does not merely come from the tap.

Ayn Rand, The Jewish Racist Who Hated Arabs and American Indians


Ayn Rand's Theory of "Technological Advancement."

"They didn't have any rights to the land, and there was no reason for anyone to grant them rights which they had not conceived and were not using... What was it that they were fighting for, when they opposed white men on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence, their 'right' to keep part of the earth untouched, unused, and not even as property, but just keep everybody out so that you will live practically like an animal, or a few caves above it. Any white person who brings the element of civilization has the right to take over this continent." Ayn Rand, addressing the West Point Cadets, when asked about the United States dispossession and genocide of Indians, March 6, 1974
Ayn Rand, easily one of the most colorful, and hateful individuals to have ever walked the Earth seems to have believed that somehow technological advancement equals a better life, a better lifestyle, and somehow, is a moral virtue. Technological advancement, more often than not, DOES equal widening gaps between the rich and the poor, ecological disasters, and of course, the justification of oppression for those who do not fit neatly into the mold fashioned by the "technologically advanced."
Note:  One thing continues to boggle my feeble mind, and that is Ayn considering herself a "white person," when "Jews" by and large, do NOT accept that label, despite the majority of them having European heritage, and looking for all the world like Jerry Seinfeld, a "white" man, if I've ever seen one.


Technologically advanced in no way, shape, form, or fashion describes a state of conditions in which a culture may claim superiority over cultures less technologically advanced. Technological advancement merely provides false justifications for ethnocentric crimes against such cultures.
Me personally, I would prefer to live communally, in the way that the Native Americans used to live, the Native Americans didn't suffer from the Euro diseases such as extreme, and ever widening gaps between the rich and the poor.  Ownership of land?  How can you own the Earth?  The Native Americans, rightly, realized all along how ridiculous that idea was, and still is.  Now very few people own most everything, and we, we struggle just to own things that we don't much need.  The Native Americans never had to worry about the machinations of banking cartels, who suffer upon us their inflations and contractions whenever they please, forever sucking away more and more freedoms with their media induced mass hysterias.


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