Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Marlin XS7 Rifle

Very affordable and available in three calibers, the Marlin XS7 is also weather resistant - and an altogether terrific buy for the sporting hunter of various game. A great rifle for the young hunter, or the experienced pro - if you know of a better hunting rifle for the price, then please let me know about it. Marlin rifles has been a standard setter in the United States for many years, and will continue to be for much longer.

The Marlin XS7 Rifle

The Marlin XS7 Rifle.

For a mere $341.00 dollars, the Marlin XS7 is the most rifle that you can get for your money in a new rifle anywhere in the world.  It's been said that the position of the trigger and safety in relation to the grip seems to just custom fit the hands of all who fire this high value, low cost rifle.  This rifle is about utility, and not about frills, it has none to speak of.
All features are both cost conscious, and accuracy enhancing.  By and large, the consensus is that the trigger, set to break at just under three pounds, is that it's an outstanding one.  Though the stock is clearly high grade plastic, the entire gun is attractive; and tests as very accurate.  With three calibers to choose from, this rifle weighs in at between 6 1/4 pounds to 6 3/4 pounds.

The Marlin XS7

Testers’ Comments: Awesome price. This gun is an incredible value.
* Marlin made no missteps in the design of this gun.

* Great trigger.

* Lots of clothes-gripping edges on the rifle.

* The position of the trigger and safety in relationship to the grip seems to custom-fit my hand.

* The blade doesn’t come flush with the trigger when depressed.

* The blind magazine is easy to load.

* Good, clean lines on the stock.


In conclusion, I want one of these high quality, accurate, and affordable Marlin rifles.Though most might not think the plastic of this model Marlin hunting rifle is nearly as attractive as is the higher priced wooden ones, it will certainly weigh less, and not be subject to rot, should for some bizarre reason it be left in the weather; for these reasons, and the low price, this is a great utility rifle, and a rifle that you wouldn't be afraid to let your bratty nephew use should you take him hunting, etc.  If there is a known and comparable rifle for less, than please let me know about it, and give me a link to where I can read about it. Till then, happy hunting!


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