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US Police And The Culture of Violence

2015 saw more ridiculous police violence than maybe ever was seen before. Clearly, police training encourages this violence. Something has to be changed within the very culture of policing.

Police are Terrorists - Police are the face of violence


Child Before Police Toss Grenade Into His Crib


Same Child After Being Visited by SWAT Police Who Threw A Grenade Into His Crib


Evil Police are more a threat than evil civilians

Under the sun I have seen many things. Under the Sun I've witnessed kindnesses and horrors. Under the Texas Sun I've never seen a man as disgusting as a man in a police uniform. Under the Sun I've seen many men without morals, violent men, lustful men, disgraceful men. Under the Sun, no man has ever harmed me save Kaufman County Deputies - men with badges, with uniforms, with guns. Disgusting men, disgraceful men, men without honor, men without morals, oh they come in other forms, but in the USA, the epidemic, the only terrorists here - they all wear badges.
Ever been physically abused, assaulted? I have pal, and by four huge thugs pretending to be public servants, in Kaufman, Texas. They stomped on my face with their boots, my hands - I couldn't even feel them for several months. They had uniforms and badges, and they were SMILING while they assaulted me, while they took my innocence from the realm of innocence where a man doesn't know what it is to be assaulted by the state, by government, by those who are supposed to be there to do good.
The fact the men in uniform, the men with the badges, the fact they ENJOYED physically assaulting me is not something I debate with myself. It was fact, it happened, and so whenever I see a policeman or policewoman - I see only violence, a terrorist. When I see an officer of the law under the Sun, I see violence, I see evil, I see a terrorist. That's WHAT I see. I'm not even the slightest bit unique. It's not what I want to see, maybe someday I'll be able to see something different. Across the nation, however, police violence is now a daily issue, and more persons are suffering loses to life, limb, liberty, and property due to police than ever before.
What sort of person throws a grenade into a baby's crib? Well, SWAT police do. The only instance of such violence towards infants in the USA that I've ever heard of involve SWAT police. Common criminals, even the violent sorts, don't do that kind of thing. What's worse still, the police chief over the grenade baby burning SWAT team says his deputies did nothing wrong, and the man has the gall to blame the incident, the actions of his deputies, on the person they were seeking - and that person wasn't even there.
“The person I blame in this whole thing is the person selling the drugs,” Terrell said. “Wanis Thonetheva, that’s the person I blame in all this. They are no better than a domestic terrorist, because they don’t care about families – they didn’t care about the family, the children living in that household – to be selling dope out of it, to be selling methamphetamine out of it." Chief Terrell's thinking, if you can even call it that, is all too common. His department also murdered a pastor recently, Isn't it amazing this man says a drug dealer is a domestic terrorist when clearly the violent killers are his deputies?

Police Assaulting Civilians Seems Increasingly Common


Law Enforcement claiming to be victim of their victims

Violent Predatory Police

In my time I've met many awful men. I've met many awful women. I've spent my time under the Sun, but I've never seen men or women so disgusting as the men and women wearing badges and uniforms. I've lived in homeless shelters, and institutions, but violent police are far more foul persons than others I've encountered. They become delusional that they are somehow superior to people who are not in law enforcement AND that they are above the law they are supposed to enforce.. Being a police officer is to be a mentally ill person, or to submit entirely that your world is contradictory to what it pretends to be about in the public sphere. The mental illness that comes with the disgusting badge is that with a badge, the man or woman achieves something transhuman, something above humanity, it's totally vile, and to my way of thinking, a modern badge is a badge of SHAME when it means to a person they're better than other persons. I'd never think that merely being a police officer is shameful. It's just that it is extremely difficult anymore to assume that a law enforcement officer is a man or woman who doesn't enjoy being violent. Violent law enforcement claiming to be the victims of their victims is another ongoing theme now.
Facts are facts. The only domestic terrorists in the USA are police. Police kill a huge number of persons per year. The only terror threat in the USA in any region is the generally the police. The United States of America has the largest prison population in the history of the world, and who the hell is it that rounds up the slaves? It's nearly impossible for a bad cop to get fired any more; and the surest way to get fired as a police officer is to report a co-worker for illegal activity.Serial anal cavity search offender cop? Police departments don't even make a habit of firing the sexual predator police. We've reached true horror show levels of moral ambiguity here in US police culture, and the police themselves seem to as often as not be perfectly fine with all of it. The fact there are so many persons now writing about incidents of being killed by a police officer in the USA, but the issue never being addressed from the White House, it's all simply stunning.

Police violence is on many fronts

Where has this epidemic of police violence come from? Did it originate from the September the eleventh tragedy? If so, how can that event be used to rationalize the nationwide trend of police killing every thing in sight and writing it all off as justified for their "feeling threatened?" Giving police ever more military grade weaponry can only psychologically affect the police officer in a very negative way in regards to their relationship with the civilian population.
Why are the police killing our dogs? Well, in the largest number of cases, I suspect there's not enough community outrage concerning the matter. People can seem to ignore the suffering of others all too well. Then when the chickens come home to them to roost, there is then the outrage.
I'm certain there are times when a decent officer of the law literally has to shoot a dog. I'm equally confident that most times when a police officer shoots a dog, it was merely because they wanted to do so. The issue, thankfully, is becoming a nationwide conversation. The fact that shooting a police dog is a serious crime, but police shooting your dog is almost considered completely fine ought to be something notably inconsistent in terms of thinking. Such duplicity!

Passive acceptance of police violence is the same thing as supporting it

What Can We Do To Stop Police Violence

Despite all their “police intelligence,” cops can’t seem to grasp the concept that more and more Americans are pulling out their cameras to record them as a way to assert their First Amendment right to do so.
Anybody who watches these never ending collections of videos on Youtube can figure it out, but cops still feel compelled to pepper citizens with questions, demanding identification and basically treating them as if they are up to no good.
As if criminals with ill-intent will make themselves so obvious. Photography is not a crime. Why do police forever seek to intimidate or outright assault someone for filming them? Clearly, police culture is a culture of violence. Passively accepting rampant police violence and misconduct is the same thing as supporting it. The sheer evil of the Habersham County, Ga.sheriff's department who literally throw grenades into an infants crib and blame the act on an individual who wasn't even present - that's the level of evil I can not abide, and only a sure victim of Stockholm Syndrome ever even would. What sort of thing do actual police protest? Well in Seattle, they protest new regulations on how they can indulge in violence.
What can we do about it all? Is there any hope? There is always hope. Evil systems have a habit of collapsing in on themselves, and modern policing in the USA is a paradigm of evil from violence to slave trading in sending men and women to for profit prisons. There ARE honorable men and women in law enforcement, however, and probably they're not even limited to such worthy organizations as LEAP and Oathkeepers, although those two organizations definitely deserve some respect.
Myself, I sign every petition I can regarding the removal or prosecution of a violent police officer. I also make a lot of phone calls to department heads, and I'll write the mayor, city council, city manager, and attorneys in various counties and towns to urge prosecution or firing. Then, there is also hope on the technology front.- by forcing police to wear cameras, we can better ensure their compliance to the laws they're supposed to enforce. I'd think it terrific were everyone to support copblock, which has a website, and a very active facebook page. Thanks for your time, and thanks for reading.

Technology can provide solutions to violent police


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