Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Indigo Snake

The large, beautiful, and absolutely harmless Eastern Indigo snake is an endangered species that should you illegally possess or harm, you will soon be in loads of Federal trouble.

The Indigo Snake - North America Largest Snake.

The Eastern indigo snake is the largest snake native to North America. Of course human stupidity is limitless, and so now we've got non native snakes threatening the entire ecosystem of the Everglades. It's truly pathetic that pet stores in the USA would sell large constrictor snakes from other continents to persons here as pets.
Bugger all of that, the Eastern indigo snake is a more important issue as it is a native species to the Eastern and Southern portion of the United States of America. This large and harmless indigo snake is also an endangered species in the Southern and Eastern part of the USA, and it is a felony offence, as it should be, to kill one.

The Indigo Snake - (Drymarchon couperi)


Drymarchon couperi - "Lord Of The Forest" The Indigo Snake

Drymachron is a combo word of Greek and Latin origins that translates literally as "lord of the forest," couperi is a latinization of one James Cooper's surname; and it was the same Mr. Cooper that brought the first specimen of indigo snake to the herpetologist that gave this slithering friend of humanity it's name.
Due to habitat loss these snakes are considered very endangered, and especially is this true in the states of Georgia and Florida. I'm not certain exactly where all it is illegal to kill these snakes, but it is a FEDERAL crime to kill them in Georgia and Florida, and it matters none at all should you have thought that you'd killed a water moccasin. Ignorance is no excuse, my friends, and I mean this quite literally - I'd drop a federal dime on anyone for killing one of these snakes. I don't care if you traffic ten tons of whatever illegal drug into the USA, I'd ignore that, but you can call me a "snitch," I'd report you for killing the indigo snake.

What is the deal, dude, why are you going off like that over gosh darn indigo snakes???

Well first of all, I take ecosystems and endangered wildlife very seriously. Secondly, the indigo snake is very like the king snake, it is a snake that loves to eat the snakes that can kill you. In South Texas, our native indigo snakes absolutely love the taste of rattlesnake. I like to imagine that anyone who kills an indigo snake at some point in life will be bitten by a rattlesnake, that would absolutely teach the issue to the offending criminal indigo snake killer.

Snakes that eat other snakes, and the ones that do this are described by the term "ophiophagy;" and the snakes that eat venomous snakes are truly the friends of humanity.

So the indigo snakes, besides eating rattlesnakes, also eat the other typical things snakes always tend to eat, mice, frogs, turtles, birds, eggs, and ...basically, anything else they can kill and swallow.

Drymarchon melanurus erebennus - The Texas Indigo Snake

The gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) - The Indigo Snake's Best Friend.


Indigo Snakes, Gopher Tortoises, and "Gassing."

Though humanity doesn't often seem so inclined towards reciprocation of the love that indigo snakes seem to have for humanity by virtue of their eating the venomous vipers that can kill us, the indigo snake is not without friends. Outside of the federal government at least legislating something or another to make it a crime to kill the indigo snakes, the gopher tortoise is a huge friend of the indigo snake. If it is up to the indigo snakes, then they will share quarters rent free with gopher tortoises as a manner of preference.

It is at this point I must point out that the gopher tortoise is also an endangered and federally protected species, and human stupidity and illegal behaviour in regards to rattlesnake hunting is the very foremost danger to both the indigo snake and the gopher tortoise. The highly illegal hunting method known as "gassing" is the problem, and I would suggest a nice felony prison term for anyone involved with gassing for rattlers. Gassing refers to the practice of pouring gasoline into gopher tortoise burrows to force out the snakes. Stupid is as stupid does, it is said, and a stupid gassing idiot criminal most often doesn't know a gopher hole from a rabbit hole. All manner of critter are killed by this blight of stupidity known as gassing, and besides all of that, it is a hideous waste of gasoline.

The Indigo Snake


The Indigo Snake Makes A Fine Pet - But It Shouldn't.

The indigo snake's only predator and threat ...well, it is you and I, or simply, humanity. The indigo snakes are highly sought after for pets, and this is because of their very docile nature. It is a fact that the people selling these snakes as pets are very responsible for their decline in the wild. We need more indigo snakes in their native habitats, not less. I'd like to see federal charges brought up on all persons who've been rounding up these snakes to sell to pet stores.

Capitalism seems to be at odds with ecology, biodiversity, and the very health of the planet, and while we still can, let us do something about it, and not let the indigo snake be yet another victim of humanity's ego trumping his role as a member of the human collective.


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