Friday, September 2, 2016

Simple Ways To Make Money While Unemployed

There is a lot of economic despair in this world, and all of it can be laid at the feet of the filth that controls the usury system of banking. Anytime usury is employed with fiat currency - laborers lose via third parties taking the greatest portion of what is produced. I suggest barter systems. I hope that some of these non traditional income ideas are either useful, or lead the reader to come up with their own systems that do not profit those filth that employee usury.

The Texas sweet native pecan!
The Texas sweet native pecan!
Throwing away aluminum cans is ridiculous.  One would have to be overly slothful, and dumb to dispose of valuable metals
Throwing away aluminum cans is ridiculous. One would have to be overly slothful, and dumb to dispose of valuable metals
Growing your own food, and with non-Monsanto seeds is always advised.  Learn to garden.
Growing your own food, and with non-Monsanto seeds is always advised. Learn to garden.

Need cash? Just look around.

Being unemployed, I'm well aware of how inactivity can bring you down, so I'm providing here some simple ways to make money while unemployed. Last Summer I worked 50-70+ hours every week, and was "on call" seven days a week. I enjoyed some of it, but I also got sick of it.

Now, however, I'm unemployed-and I often find that too much time on my hands leads to anxiety, depression, and all out restlessness. But if you're open to it, and willing to look around; you're likely to find some ways that you can make a little bit of tax free money. Now, I'm no guru, but I am sort of a redneck; and here's what I've found just lately(in some cases) that works for me.

Pecans, most everybody loves em', and around here, they aren't hard to find. Last week my Mother spied a pecan grove not a mile and a half from the homestead. It's on county property, between a dirt road, and a pasture-on either side of the road. Small, sweet, native pecan trees-and the somewhat high profile, or prosperous neighbors there-never even considered it. The last two days I've not spent but about 45 minutes at a time, and I've rounded up around twenty pounds of pecans.

The local feed store in town buys un-shelled pecans for .40 cents/lb, but to hell with that! They sell at the local grocery store for 8-10$/lb! I can shell em', and sell em' myself. Who doesn't love a pecan pie?
Aluminum cans, I love aluminum, and I love Joe Beer Drinker, who seems to cruise every road around here in rural Kaufman, Texas. Ol' Joe, someday I'm gonna buy you a case of Bud from the cans you leave me on the side of the road. God Bless you, dude!

Now I know, sometimes those cans in the ditch can be sort of smelly-that's okay, they sell for around .50/lb, and it's tax free income. I hate to think of my income taxes going towards our evil, imperialist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. New pipelines for oil, and control of such-it makes me ill. That's my .02$ of politics for the day.

Where was I? Get out and walk, carry one of those plastic grocery sacks, and pick up the cans. What else do you have to do? Better yet, ride a bicycle; if your unemployed like me, the exercise will do your state of mind good.

This last bit is not for the squeamish: Manure. Yes, you read it right, I said "poop." Organic gardening is all the rage nationwide, is it not? Of course it is! What organic gardener is not in need of nitrogen rich compost? People will buy cow manure-they really will! If your like me, and have pastures all around-just get a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and have at it.

Actually, you might want to find a buyer before you do all of that. That's all I've got, folks, but I'd really appreciate any ideas that you might have to share as well!

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