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Concerning the methamphetamine epidemic of years ago

 This is something I published somewhere else years ago. I guess it paid me about what it was worth, probably more than it was worth, actually. It's going here to retire.

Funny how after the invasion of Afghanistan we no longer hear about the supposed meth epidemic. There is a brand new opiate epidemic which has taken meth's place.  Before the meth epidemic - was the crack cocaine epidemic.

Ever consider that these things are contrived or planned in advance? I do.


The War On Drugs Is War Against The American People, It Was NEVER Meant To Be "Won"

Manufacturing an epidemic is a Crime

The Song Mother's Little Helper, by The Rolling Stones, is not about diet pills, it's about tranquilizers, however, I think that a very solid case can be formed concerning how the song, obviously a sarcastic pop jab at big pharma drug pushers, is also applicable to the methamphetamine epidemic that we saw in the 90's. The "epidemic" was no accident, it was manufactured like a batch of Birch reduction method dope. If you don't know what that means, then I can lay it out for you here with two words, it was dirty, and crude, just like the product of the Birch reduction method.

While it's altogether obvious and well documented that the CIA started the crack epidemic in south central Los Angeles to incarcerate even larger numbers of African Americans than the previously accepted, and already outrageous rates; the methamphetamine scare of the 90's that continues on today was a manufactured political and social construct aimed at poor "whites." The fight against illegal drugs has always been a farce. Nobody is so stupid as to NOT see the results of the prohibition of alcohol early in the last century. That prohibition was a complete and total failure by all accounts, but what it did was provide a template for the profitable Prison industrial complex, and the subjugation of the poor though drugs, and drug prohibition laws. The War On Drugs has always been a war against the poor in America. It was never about anything else, and the fact that Richard Nixon coined the phrase shouldn't be without it's own credibility issues by extension of character.

Methamphetamine in comedy, the product, and it's chemical formula


The C.I.A., Rodney King, and Crack

I guess I really started paying attention to what big pharma was doing when I started belly laughing from a commercial advertising some sort of legal drug for something called Restless Leg Syndrome . After I got done laughing, I nearly cried, as it became perfectly obvious that something wicked indeed this way blows. big pharma, of course, is just another sector of the United corporations of America; and is owned and invested in by power elitists, the biggest players in the world elite horror picture show are all internationalists; and if you don't know that already, then get off of my page until you know something worth knowing. Multi-national corporations are dangerous insofar as they influence and seek to change things in our communities by imposing the wishes and ideals of foreign investors.

In March of 1991 Rodney King, a poor African American man was severely and savagely beaten by police officers as if he were no better than a dog. Logically, you should now be able to see how I feel about the police officers who treated Rodney King in a subhuman manner. The irony, of course, is that those police officers were the ones who seemed the sub humans in the mix, as demonstrated by their behavior. Also participating was the American legal system, which utterly failed America by acquitting the police officers; and the Los Angeles riots then occurred. In another severe case of disgusting behavior, Reginald Denny was pulled from a commercial truck and hit in the face with a brick by an African American male. If you look at what happened then on the larger scale, you don't have to be bright or clever to see that the L.A. riots effectively ended the crack epidemic that the Central Intelligence Agency initiated; and soon, a new epidemic was manufactured against the poor, but this time "whites" were the target, but it's always the poor who are the target of subjugation.

For more on the C.I.A. and their criminal activities involving cocaine, check the link below, or research it on your own. It's an accepted fact of our lives. Besides how much I adore seeing people offer their own explanations that contradict observable reality, I especially love to hear how an individual can justify law enforcement officers locking up poor drug users in light of the facts concerning the Central Intelligence Agencies having been proved to have initiated a lot of the criminal behavior that law enforcement officers make their sometimes socially corrosive income from.

No Logical, Sane, or Reasonable Person

No logical, sane, or reasonable person can deny that mass media in the United States of America glamorizes "thug life" through music, the United States Mass Corporate Media is owned and controlled by extension of Ashkenazi Associates, the same people who run the Federal Reserve. When you control the lies and false reality that people buy into, and control their money supply - you are the most responsible group of persons on the Earth for the evil that takes place on it.

"Let me Issue and control a nation's money, and I care not who writes it's laws." Mayor Amschel Bauer

I do not need to prove to you who the mass media moguls are, or what their relationship is to the family of Mayor Bauer, who became known for his Satanic Khazarian shield, or Red Shield, i.e., Rothschild. Do your own research, and bring me your findings, please and thank you. When you do realize the truth of the matter, you then see that the same people that create an atmosphere that glamorizes criminality within prohibition also fund the war on drugs, and profit from the Prison Industrial Complex. Do you see how this works yet?
So you see, the real criminals are not in jail, they create the laws and the conditions in which the same laws are fashionable to break for the sole purpose of subjugation of the poor masses, and slavery of not only African Americans, but "whites" and Hispanics as well.

 It's no different than Cromwell rolling the murderous English Army through Ireland burning everything, and raping and killing an incorrigible race. That same incorrigible race is the dominant race by degrees found in the DNA of "whites" in America, who were also the contrived and planned and real victims of the Manufactured Methamphetamine Epidemic that truly kicked off in the year of our lord 1995.

The Methamphetamine Epidemic

In 1995 The Meth amphetamine Epidemic was manufactured by big Pharma and the "Christian" neocon right as a means towards the ends of subjugation and slavery of poor whites in the United States of America. What happened was this, the traditional method of methamphetamine manufacturing as made famous by the Hell's Angels was successfully defeated by a brilliant chemist who managed to insert a chemical blocking agent that rendered P2P, or 1-Phenyl-2-Propanone, useless for the process. P2P can still be had, but it would have to have been manufactured by someone else, and probably in another country. I'm not a chemist, but I do know that even Forrest Gump could see how the Big Pharma sales of pseudo ephedrine took off following the desecration of 1-Phenyl-2 Propanone, and the Birch Reduction Method of manufacture, dirty, ugly, and crude; filled with dozens or more much more toxic compounds, hit the streets everywhere, and not only were the kidneys of many destroyed, but also the lives. Thank you very little, Big Pharma.

The other major thing that happened was that methamphetamine became a felony to possess in many states at about the same time that pseudo ephedrine sales exploded; and it's easy to see how Big Pharma, and the Prison Industrial Complex both thrived from the very expected results. Later, as outrage over the contrived, planned, and successfully carried out elitist coup hit the politicians and lawmakers, pseudo ephedrine was placed behind the counter, and this was a good thing, as the poison from the Birch reduction method was reduced on the street, but methamphetamine is here to stay. After all, it was a prescription medication easily available everywhere in the United States for many years, and it continues to be a big winner for Big Pharma and corporate fascist "elites" to this day. It's only moved South, to Mexico, as a converted tire factory outside of Monterrey produces tons of the stuff each and every week.

It doesn't sound real when I say it, but the truth of any matter doesn't stop for me, neither does it for any; and I'd from a drug rehab, got a job looking up meth recipes and investigating Cartel Big Wigs as a production assistant in a new, and rebellious little film studio. That's right, I got paid to research meth amphetamine for a documentary; so maybe you should conclude that I know what I'm talking about here.Wilder still, having done most of the research for Renavatio Media's Drug Wars: Silver or Lead , I almost wound up playing a police officer in the film, that didn't happen, and I might have overdosed on the irony of it. Honestly, my greatest contribution to that film was that I'd talked somebody down at the Dallas Morning News into mailing me a video of some poor soul being executed. It's a completely real murder that I doubt was ever solved, you can see the guy looking at a pistol in his face sitting in front of a black plastic trash bag that was there to catch his brains. I'm honestly not sure how or why I was able to pull that deal off, but I did.


In conclusion I'd like to state that not only was the crack epidemic contrived and carried out successfully by our government to support the Prison Industrial Complex and further subjugation of African Americans, that also, the methamphetamine epidemic was contrived and successfully created in it's wake for the subjugation of poor whites to the benefit of the same Prison Industrial Complex, and also the increased profits of Big Pharma. Corporate Fascism in America is very real, laws are passed in order to protect the interests of big businesses that profit from you and I going to prison, and making trinkets for five cents an hour.  Capitalism is corrupt, as there are winners and losers in the game of capitalism; but our lives are not games, but to the power elites, cops and "criminals" are all just pawns.
Government Anti-Drug Ads - Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)


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