Thursday, January 12, 2017

Killed by Police Officers In the United States of America

I wrote the following article years ago before the Obama administration, back before everyone had a smart phone with a video camera on it. Things have changed, now everyone is aware about the police violence problem in the USA; but now we've got it even worse.

It's an old page, and I couldn't bring myself to delete it. If no one reads it, that's fine with me. I'll maybe like to look and see what I was thinking years ago.


If we can identify the police murderer, we can then deal with them ourselves, there is no "justice system"

A Badge, a magical license to kill anyone or steal their things

Wells Fargo and The Gates Foundation - Investors in the modern slavery of for profit prisons.

Across the USA, violent crime by citizens is DOWN, but police violence against citizens is EVER ON THE RISE

Police Murders in the United States of America

Unarmed citizens of the United States of America are being murdered by United States Police officers at an alarming rate. What is it that has caused so much violence against citizens of the United States of America by law enforcement officers who are supposed to be sworn to Serve and Protect the citizens of this nation? Well, for starters, it's the Drug War, and the Prohibition against drugs, which only serves the purpose of furthering the profits of criminals like Dick Cheney who've invested in companies like GEO Corp, CCA, etc, which build prisons at a profit for warehousing of United States citizens.

What happens with Dick Cheney's profits then? Well, those profits then go into the pockets of lobbyist and politicians who promise their frightened citizens that they will be tough on crime. Rather obviously, singling out Dick is just something of an example, as many people are invested in the for profit prisons, the modern slave plantations. With help from a mass media that is also heavily invested in by the same politicians sans morality, the situation just continues to get worse, and escalate. You and I are conditioned to accept the fact that we could be murdered by police in no knock raids; and if the police are at the wrong house, well that's just a shame, isn't it? Police who murder someone in a SWAT raid are nearly never fired or charged with a crime, they just get to go on being murderers demanding people believe their magical blue uniform makes them some sort of hero, but shooting at people and stealing their pharmaceuticals or medicinal plants makes you no hero, it makes you a terrorist, and sometimes, a murderer too.

The information and the victims of police murder found in the links below are a mix from the past few years, some of the best I've found on the web. The problem, however, has not improved at all, in fact, it's gotten much, much worse. You see, we live in a police state, where fear is preached over, and over, and over again through our criminal media, and the result is that more and more police departments more resemble infantry or Marines than they do law enforcement; and the Obama administration has pushed for more surveillance of the citizenry, and never once has addressed rampant police violence, as the state serves the state as an iron law.

 Why is it that we tolerate such things? It's because while these laws and petitions to the courts are presented, you, Joe Q. Citizen are more than likely busy watching television, or perhaps at a sporting event; and you do not care until such things concern you directly. More laws will be passed, a failed prohibition will continue, more Mexican drug cartels will commit violence North of the Southern border, and then the media will cause a great big scare. All the while, Dick Cheney and the thousands of investors like him in GEO corp or Corrections Corporation of America's private prison industry grow wealthier, and more innocents are killed by police here on American soil, even more shipped to the modern slave plantations, the private prisons, to be used as slaves for more profits, of course.

So just how the hell is it when one sees a police officer, they are to respect the man? Is the man not guilty until proven innocent? If your very job is violence, and to regard the citizen as some sort of enemy combatant, then how can I respect you? Why do police need military weapons? They do not, but they sure have lots of them. The psychological impact of this is plain and simple, dressed as United States Marines in the streets of civilian America, the police officer learns to view the citizen as the enemy.
With modern policing, there is a never ending litany of charges against its very systems, its training, its procedures. There are too many human rights indictments against every facet of it to list. Crime is even down in the USA, but police aggression is EVER on the rise.

Supreme Irony - Those aren't soldiers, they're cops, far more likely to kill you than any terrorist, Perhaps they ARE the terrorists?

American's Police are in need of massive reforms

Let's face it, the highest office in the nation is inhabited by a warmonger who doesn't care about any victim of gun violence unless the victim looks like Trayvon Martin and allows him to push a divisive racism agenda while also pursuing gun control tyranny for the United Nations. Five thousand Americans have been killed by police officers since 911, and so we can only see the police departments as violent terrorist cells. SWAT team activity has increased by 1,500% in the past two decades, and how many times have YOU read about the murder of someone and their dogs at the wrong house?

The sheer idiocy of it all is astounding, stealing medicinal plants, killing persons for medicinal plants, rounding up persons for for profit slave prisons, how can these things be going on here? What sort of persons are becoming police officers, and how are these SWAT officers, who're supposed to be elite, so horribly idiotic in so many cases, how could anyone be brainwashed into thinking it is okay to break into someone's home for suspicion of something which shouldn't even be illegal, kill them or their dogs, or family; and just go on about their lives? The rise of these ultra-violent police terrorist groups known as SWAT is absolutely by design, you don't increase activity of a thing in a nation by 1500% in 20 years without a definite plan to do it, and then there is the indignity of paying for it yourself with your taxes. Funding terrorism via taxation, and they might kill you, your loved ones, your dogs, and you paid for it.

There are videos of cops killing unarmed and mentally ill persons all over the internet. There's cop snuff films everywhere, but there's seldom cops on death row for it, the magical badge and magical blue uniform are amazing things. Hell, just pick one, you can spend all day watching real life people being murdered by police online all day long. It's a total systemic thing in modern policing, therefore modern policing is terrorism."We called for help and they killed our son!" How many headlines have you read like that recently? I've read quite a lot of them, and isn't one too many already? These are just regular patrol cops involved in those sorts of killings, and they're so very very frequent headlines these days it proves the systemic violence of modern policing isn't limited to SWAT teams bursting through the doors of houses late in the night.

How can we reform police? They only kill one black man every 28 hours, and around 500 innocent civilians of all colors per year. Well, my thoughts are we need to start demanding a massive change in police training. The days of thinking of police as the persons to go to for any sort of help are just in the past, only the very insulated by wealth and older sorts of persons trust police these days; and I know this because I do a lot of talking to a lot of people. If police officers in the USA want to not be viewed as villains, it's up to us to enforce the peace, they're certainly not doing it.


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