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Police and Gun Control

 Austin, Texas continues to embarrass the rest of us in the state with its 'progressive' policies which preach the virtue of government power of the power of the individual.

Well, with new glorious leader Trump, maybe we can all rest easy in the thinking he won't be looking to trample the second amendment. I hope so.

Slaves Never Own Guns

Gun Control

It's a complete and utter fallacy to say that removing guns from the populace makes the people of those communities safer. It's a monumental misplacement of faith to think a government or government body can protect you from your neighbors. You have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property in the United States of America with firearms, and such rights are granted to you via the founding fathers of this nation in the second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights. The right to protect yourself and bear arms, however, is not a right that any governing body can give to you, it's a right that you have, whether you realize it or not, upon birth.

Gun Control Gets Results!

Gun Control isn't about Guns, it's About Control

I never get tired of hearing people talk about how their ideas or their political party favorite, or whatever and whoever, are somehow going to change the world, and make it better. It's sort of like when someone blames Islam or Christianity or Judaism for the violence in the world. Religions don't commit acts of violence, violent people do. If you took away all of the religions in the world, you'd have the same violent people left, and they'd only find another reason to do what they were doing already. Of course I've over simplified things, but the previous sentence is still the water floating battleship reality.

Having more faith in government, or in individuals than you have in your own ability to control yourself well; is a sign of low self esteem, and I associate that with humanism. What is humanism? It's the religion that claims that it isn't one. It's the worship of mankind. If you've not reached the conclusion that mankind is a circle jerk fool's parade yet, then let me tell you a story. . .

Mankind is nothing to be worshiped, Mankind and men and women have always been capable of the spectacular in the eyes and ears of others of our group. Some of the most spectacular achievements of mankind include all of the horrors that the poor of the world are suffering right this minute. That gulf oil spill, that's another spectacular achievement of man.

Do you suppose that I'm being sarcastic? I'm not. It's supremely spectacular that Halliburton could buy the oil spill clean up company eleven days prior to British Petroleum spilling the oil in the Gulf of Mexico; and the American people are so stupid and distracted with their pitiful lives that they don't even realized that, and what all it really says and means about them, and our nation.

Let me give you a hint, it's more profitable for Halliburton and British Petroleum to clean up oil spills than it is to sell oil. It also furthers the American Corporate Fascist Imperialist anti-Arab agenda. It is this same willful ignorance, and utter disregard for facts and truth that allow someone like an Obama to repeatedly lie about . . everything and anything under the Sun; but people are still so high on the "feel good" about a half black professional liar without a birth certificate being in the white house; that they don't care.

 What a glorious distraction this Obama person has provided for the poor! What a horrific back stabbing charlatan he is, while giving the poor of the world hope, he's given everything to the bankers and corporations that created the economic crisis that we are in to begin with; utterly ensuring that the poor will become more so, smiling the whole time!

The Theory Of Gun Control

Police Officers and Gun Control

First and foremost, when thinking about law enforcement, what one must realize is that politicians pass the laws that police officers enforce. Politicians must be elected, and election takes money, lots of money; so inevitably, politicians are beholden to business interests, and so, the laws that they pass benefit business, and not individual citizens. It is for this reason that peace officers inevitably wind up enforcing laws that subjugate the poor in favor of the business interests of the already very wealthy persons who helped the law passing politician get elected in the first place.

Now, to be clear, in no way am I saying that I think that police officers became officers with the idea that they'd be protecting the wealthy, and keeping the poor impoverished. That is not what I think the case is, I just don't think law enforcement officers ever bother to think too deeply about exactly what it is that their jobs entail. Look at the motto of law enforcement throughout the United States, "To Serve and To Protect." If the purpose of law enforcement is to protect the common man from crime, then the institution of law enforcement is the single biggest failure in the recorded history of mankind.

We must protect ourselves from violent crime, by the time the police respond to a call, assuming that a person was able to make a call to police, or 911, then surely the assailant is gone in such vast numbers of incidents that it's singular and newsworthy every time that the police make it to a crime scene when the violent criminal is still able to be identified on site.

Police Protection is an oxymoron. Free citizens must protect themselves. Police do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

The statement above is so true, and so reflective of reality that it's really not up for debate between intelligent individuals, what then, I wonder, are the motives of police officers who support gun control?

1. Pride and superiority: Surely the majority of the experienced officers on police forces world wide are mature enough to realize that they are simply persons with a different job. Yes, police officers have dangerous jobs, and surely police officers have the right to openly bare arms. This in no way lessens the dangers of anyone else's jobs, nor does it in any way lead one to logically conclude that only police officers have dangerous jobs, and the right to bare arms.

2. Taking guns out of a community makes a community safer: This is the grossest lie or idea that a law enforcement officer or agency can have, or proclaim. It's pure propaganda, and is only true of a neighborhood that happens to be filled with violent criminals. Surely such neighborhoods do exist, and surely ridding those neighborhoods of guns would help to reduce casualties of violent crimes in those neighborhoods; however, most neighborhoods, not nationwide, but world wide, are full of non violent individuals, whether they are of the criminal persuasion, or not.

3. Fear: Some police officers are inherently aware of the fallibility of mankind. For this reason, they well know that men and women can not be trusted, and those same officers do not trust themselves, and for good reason. They fear you and I, and they know that they are immoral persons just like everyone else does, and just like everyone else is. They've got their guns, so to hell with the rest of us, is what they are thinking. They also somehow believe that their being law enforcement officers protects them from the corruptions of government. I wish them luck with that idea.

The Essence Of Gun Control Condensed To Reality.

Gun Control. All Pigs Are Equal, But Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others

Cops For Trained and Armed Citizens

Not all cops are against citizens carrying firearms though, it defies the laws of nature. Cops are people too, you know, even the ones that don't act like it. It's just a simple fact that not every law enforcement officer is an idiot, a bully, or a willing oppressor. It's only true that most of the ones that you remember being confronted about some nonsense or another, if you are like me, are that way.

It's just human nature, and altogether natural that a competent, and life loving peace officer would be supportive of concealed carry laws. Don't you imagine, as I do, that half the police in Washington State were all hoping that the Green River Killer would try to snatch a prostitute who was packing heat, and end that nightmare for all of us?

Listen, I personally can not, and don't want to imagine ever shooting a soul. But the facts can't be argued, MORE GUNS EQUALS LESS CRIME. The more guns that there are in a community, the less crime that that community will have to suffer from. The man across the street from me has an assault rifle; nothing ever comes up missing from around here. I've never heard of a "real" crime, a crime with an actual victim involved, ever happening on my street.

 Oh sure, the police were called once on the idiot woman across the street and to the left, she's a loudmouth, vile human being who'd got into a shouting match with her man friend, or something. Nobody went to jail, no crime was committed. My tiny abode won't be robbed with me in it, and neither will my parents nearby, we're all armed out here, and any professional thief would know it by looking at the area.

What Happened in Austin, Texas?

Everyone knows that the State of Texas, besides being exceptionally beautiful in a number of different ways, and having a huge level of multi ethnic demographic and culturally unique pockets of world flavor, a distinct heritage and attitude, an incomparable level of state pride, and the unique history of having once been it's own nation; we're also, rather sadly, a mostly conservative state. But Austin, Texas; our state's capital, is a very liberal city, the only thing to be said for it is that it's the San Francisco of the South West. In Austin, Texas; the city's police department had decided that they ought to do a gun buy back program, and "reward" persons turning in firearms with a $100.00 grocery store gift card. It's hard economic times, we all know that, and here in Texas, that idea had brought some folks out who, in desperation, had decided to go get that hundred bucks worth of food.

The Austin Police department, however, had no intention of doing anything worthwhile with those guns, if they were to get them, they intended to run the serial numbers, and see if they were stolen weapons. Then, after that, their intentions where to do ballistics testing on those firearms to see if, perhaps, they had been used in a crime. So far, so good, right? They are only spending our tax dollars investigating inanimate objects in a very low crime city; and I don't care what they'd told anyone, should any numbers or whatever come up "iffy" then there were going to be arrests made.

"Come here, little girl, wanna hundred dollar grocery card? I'm not gonna hurt ya. .. . . . ."

But the Austin PD was utterly foiled, and was an utter failure in it's endeavor to waste taxpayer dollars that day. Also, very valuable items were saved from the Austin PD's eventual plan to just destroy the weapons in a furnace. The American Economy needs not wasteful police spending, and then to have valuable items, items of commerce, destroyed at even further tax payer expense.

The Austin PD thought that they'd disarm the poor citizens of Austin, Texas that day; but that is not what happened; a group called Texans For Accountable Government showed up, and out bid the police with cash money for firearms. You can watch the video, and see how stupid, how utterly failed despotism registered on the face of the chief of police here. It's a most beautiful sight.


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