Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Organic Mushroom Growing Kits - The Back To The Roots Pearl Mushroom Kit

There are many kinds of edible mushrooms, and many kinds of organic mushroom growing kits available online for a low price. I like most all mushrooms, and organic mushrooms are so much the better. I totally recommend the Back TO The Roots organic mushroom growing kit, and I'm sure the other kinds of organic mushroom growing kits are good products too. Give them a try, they are easy to use, and produce healthy food.

The Back To The Roots Organic Pearl Mushroom Growing Kit.


Organic Mushroom Growing Kits.

Mushrooms, lots of folks like them, and I certainly do; but some folks just don't. I'm addressing the mushroom lovers out there, and hoping to provide some info about a product that I bought through with my meager online earnings.

I bought two of them, actually, and one of them went to my younger brother - who's become something of a star in the world of East Texas restaurants and BBQ eating. The guy just knows how to cook more than most do, and most everyone who's met him seems to really like him. Then there's me, of course, the guy who lives inside of a computer, and eats lots of ...mushrooms.

To be entirely specific about it all, I bought two of the Back To The Roots Mushroom Kits. I had no idea what I was getting into, what to expect, and I have no true green thumb to speak of. Now, with experience, I do know what I'm talking about with this product, and I can assure you all that it's very easy to use, and that gardening skills aren't even required here. This is an indoor organic mushroom growing kit, and the instructions for it's use are straightforward, simple, and altogether.....something that a Geico Caveman could understand.

When I got this thing in the mail I was sort of dumb about it, and pried the box open to have a look at it. That was the wrong move, as the preservation of the box is something that should be honored for ease of use. The package inside looked for all the world to be a big square blob of semi solid compost inside of a plastic bag. That's precisely what it is, and it's full of mushroom spores. The blob in the bag is actually old coffee grounds, and it's filled with Oyster Mushroom spores.

The Back To The Roots Organic Pearl Mushroom Growing Kit.

The first thing you need to know here is that you need a sink that you can submerge this thing in for twenty four hours. I suppose that you don't have to use a sink, you could use a bucket or anything else that this could fit into - so long as it holds water well enough to keep this thing, with a square cut hole in it, submerged to the one day time period, as per the instructions. You might have to put something on top of the bag of coffee grounds and mushroom spores to keep it submerged - use a brick or something. After the soak, just take the coffee compost bag out of the water, and put it back into the box and place it in indirect sunlight near a window, and mist the soil once a day.

The Pearl or Oyster mushrooms are going to grow. You can't really mess this thing up, unless you just try to do poorly. Cut the shrooms off at the bottom of the stems, and they're ready to become healthy food for you and your family or friends. More will grow back where the ones you cut came from, and I suspect that after they stop growing in the bag and box, that you could break the compost up, put it into a different container, and continue misting it once daily in semi sunlight, and that more mushrooms would continue to grow.
You could always add more coffee grounds to the mix as well, you know - nothing stopping you but you.
I diced these mushrooms up, and cooked them in some 93/7 ground Angus beef, and added some butter to the mix to compensate for the leanness of the meat. I thought it tasted terrific. I do not know what variety of mushrooms that are in the canned mushrooms that I normally buy at supermarkets, but these are different, and the difference was and is very welcome on my end. I don't know how to rightly explain the difference in flavor to you - but it's there, and I believe that if you are already inclined to like mushrooms, then you couldn't possibly go wrong with this product.

Altogether this Back To The Roots Pearl Or Oyster Organic Mushroom Grow Kit makes at least a pound of mushrooms, for the price - you can't lose here. A pound of organic Pearl or Oyster mushrooms from Whole Foods will cost you much more than the kit.
Save money, eat well, and enjoy!


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